DIY Smoothie Boosters

Here at Pranin Organic we segment our products into two different categories. One is our Smoothie Boosters and the other is our jarred line of vitamins and minerals. Both are organic whole food powders that have extremely high nutritional contents. However, these two lines were created for very different reasons. Our Smoothie Boosters are flavoured with organic apple, making them taste great in just water. Where as our jarred products tastes better in juice, smoothies, yogurt or infused water. 

Another difference between these two categories is convenience. The Smoothie Boosters are essentially our PureFood Trio (A to Z, B and C) all packaged up into one little pouch. This is a great option for traveling, and on the go nutrition.

But what a lot of people don’t know is per serving, it’s a more economic choice to go with our Trio. This is due to the larger quantity, limited packaging and our Trio includes our most popular products, so we make them in larger batches, hence a cheaper cost for production, per unit. This means we don’t have to charge as much for the Trio compared to our Smoothie Boosters. 

So if you’re obsessed with the Smoothie Boosters and we’re in the middle of making our newest batch, you want to cut down on packaging and waste, or you’re wanting a more budget friendly supplement with all the same great benefits, read on. 


DIY Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster 

Two glasses of homemade smoothie with kiwi, banana and chocolate flakes, mint leaves and pieces of chocolate on blue rustic background. Conception of healthy food.

Our Raw Cacao is an amazing post workout product that gets its protein and minerals from raw cacao. Unfortunately none of our jarred products contain raw cacao, but we have a solution! If you’re making a smoothie with one or more of our jarred products, just add some Giddy YoYo Cacao to the mix! It will give you all of the same benefits as our Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster. Depending on how much cacao you add to your smoothie (we recommend 1-2 tablespoons) you might want to add a sweetener like a banana or a date, as raw cacao can have a bitter taste on its own.  

We recommend the following chocolate smoothie recipes: 

Mint Chocolate Mojito Smoothie 

Monkey’s Lunch Smoothie 

Coco Newtella Shake 





Our PureFood Trio is essentially the jarred verison of our Original Greens Smoothie Booster. The only difference is that our Original Green’s has way more apple in it so it tastes sweeter. We always recommend putting the Trio in a smoothie, but if you want to have it in water you could always add freeze dried or cold processed organic apple or banana to make to boost it’s taste. 

We recommend the following green smoothie recipes: 

The Green Machine Smoothie

Healthy Shamrock Shake 

Wreck Beach Smoothie 


Closeup of strawberry fruit smoothies with strawberry pieces in glass with straw

DIY Super Berry Smoothie Booster

Again the Super Berry Smoothie Booster contains everything that’s in the Trio, but it’s boosted with tons of organic berries.???????????? To get the same great taste and similar benefits, boost our Trio with freeze dried berries, or add berries into your smoothie. Organic Berries have a high vitamin C content as well as B vitamins. But if you don’t want to add in your own berries, don’t worry because Our PureFood B and C have more than enough whole food vitamins to support you. 

We recommend the following recipes: 

Hydrating Strawberry Basil Smoothie 

Strawberry-licious Smoothie 

Ginger Mint Strawberry Shortcake Prenatal Smoothie 




Check out our list of unrefined, wholefood sugar replacements for fresh & healthy ways to make your smoothie taste great!

If you would like to know exactly when our newest batch of Smoothie Boosters will be available online, send your email address and first name to and ask to be notified. We’ll add you to our list so you’ll be in the loop. 

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