Don't fall victim to these 6 smoothie slip-ups

Get the ultimate amount of nutrition in your smoothie by following these golden rules. 

1) Pick the right base
The base is an important part of every smoothie. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by picking a sugared fruit beverage or an acidic liquid like dairy. Opt for plant based milks, coconut water without added sugar, homemade juice or filtered water that are more alkalizing in nature. Another great base is coconut milk. This will offer your body healthy fats that can be used as energy. 
2) Avoid processed sugar
To sweeten up a tart smoothie, reach for Medjool dates, a banana, or fresh pressed juice. You can also use leftover pre-cooked squash or yam. These vegetables will also keep you feeling full, for a longer period of time. 
3) Yes to whole food protein
Add in whole foods that are rich in protein, like avocado, chia seeds, hemp seeds and/or nuts/nut butter! Pre-cooked lentils or beans are another great choice. Refined protein powders can contain added sugar and synthetic nutrients that aren’t good for your body. Whole foods are always the best choice. 
4) Savour the flavour
The last thing you want is a boring, bland smoothie. Amp it up with cacao, cinnamon, turmeric, mint and/or ginger. Just remember to keep it balanced by adding in complementary flavours. For example cinnamon and cacao work well together and so does vanilla and chai spices. 
5)Don’t skimp on the fat
Coconut oil, milk and shavings are healthy fats. Other options include avocado, hemp or flax seeds. Good healthy fats help your body metabolize stored fats. So don’t be afraid of this ‘F’ word!
6) Fibre = fuel
Kick start your metabolism by adding organic fruits and vegetables into your smoothie. Not only does fibre help keep you regular, it also slows down the sugar absorption in your bloodstream, this means instead of getting a sugar crash, you’ll feel a sustained energy boost after guzzling that smoothie. 
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