This is why healthy eaters still need supplements

Even if you’re a fruit and veggie eating machine, you might not be getting the nutrition you think. *gasp* How could this be?! A couple factors to think about are the lack of nutrients in our produce comparative to a time before modern farming practices, and seasonal/geographical limitations to the fresh produce that’s available to us. Of course there are other reasons too, but the point is your body needs phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals to heal itself and keep your immune system strong. 

This is where our organic, whole food powders come in. You can call our powders supplements if you want, but really they’re just freeze-dried, organic fruits & veggies. Which means eating healthy and feeling better is just 1 scoop away.


“I don’t need over 100% of my daily recommendation of vitamins”


  • If you’re fighting off a cold or dealing with stress/anxiety your body is going to need more nutritional support. Stress impacts your body in a negative way, much like a cold or flu. Which means you need vitamins and nutrients to help heal your body. 
  • For example, B vitamins aid your adrenals and help fight the physical and mental effects of stress. 
  • Our PureFood B contains over 800% of your B2 vitamins 50% of your B12 vitamins and over 1000% of your B6. And it’s all from food!!!????
  • It’s quite impossible to get all of the nutrients our PureFood Trio offers in your regular diet, in just one day. Due to the potency of freeze dried fruits and vegetables. 
  • It’s not dangerous to have over 100% of these vitamins because they’re just food. Yippee! ????


“I eat enough fruits and vegetables every day” 

  • Our soil today is not the same quality or as nutrient-dense compared to a time before modern and 1q7a8726conventional farming practices. Mono-cropping techniques and the use of chemicals have left our soil depleted of vital organisms to support growing clean and nutritious produce.
  • Due to globalization, many crops are picked early for transport around the world causing nutrients to be missing and or lost in transport.  
  • Fruits and vegetables are growing substantially faster then ever before, but oftentimes they’re unable to absorb enough vitamins during their growth spurt. 
  • Fresh produce is dependent on the time of year and where you live. Our products give your body nutrients and minerals from organic produce all year around! It also exposes you to nutrients from fruits and veggies you probably don’t eat regularly, which means your body is able to absorb new and different vitamins and minerals. 


“Buying fresh produce is cheaper”1q7a8732

  • Our PureFood A to Z contains over 20 organic fruits and vegetables in every teaspoon. One jar of our PureFood A to Z starts off as about 6 kilograms of raw, organic produce. That would cost you a fortune to buy on your own. 
  • Weight for weight, freeze dried produce contains way more nutrition compared to fresh produce. 


“I can’t take pills”


  • Good neither can we! Our entire PureFood line is in powder form. 
  • Looking for nutrition that your body can actually use? (ie. not a capsule created in a lab) We only use organic plants in our products. That’s it.
  • Freeze dried fruits and vegetables are regular produce with the exception of having 98% or more of their water removed.
  • Freeze dried produce will contain significantly higher levels of minerals and nutrients per weight.
  • Freeze drying still allows the produce to retain fibre, antioxidants and of course phytonutrients!


Pranin Organic is a brand worth investing in because:

  • We use glass jars NOT plastic ones & we’re always looking for dsc_4016more sustainable packaging. 
  • Our entire line was developed by a Naturopathic Doctor with over 25 years of experience. (Dr. David Wang)
  • All of our products are packaged and made in Canada, eh.???? 
Nutritional supplements can play an important role in supporting your diet and ensuring you are getting all the nutrients you need, especially during times of chronic stress when the demand for nutrition is higher.

If you’re stressed out, looking to enhance physical performance, suffering from a chronic illness, seeking more vitamins and minerals or you just want to give your body wholesome, unrefined nutrition, welcome to our tribe.  

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