How to stay energised at work

Have you fallen asleep at your desk for the last time? This list of convenient & healthy energy boosters will give you the replenishment you need. Holistically hustle through your morning and push past your 3pm wall with sustainable, plant energy.  


18578896_10209907958671207_1289277662_nCoffee replacements    

These plant based drinks will help spark your work flow, without the side affects some traditional caffeinated drinks have. 



18578777_10209907958831211_2011583323_nEssential Oils

They’re called essential oils because they are literally ESSENTIAL to life. Maybe we’re a bit fixated, but we have every right to be. Natural plant oils without additives have potent therapeutic powers that can do amazing things for you and your body.  Here are our faves for improving focus and productivity: 




Superfoods are extremely nutrient dense whole foods that go above and beyond for your body. Try adding some into your diet when you need a little extra help.

  • Raw Cacao- Our favourite is from Giddy YoYo
  • Hemp seeds, chia seeds, soaked nuts/beans. 
  • Our PureFood A to Z contains tons of super-foods! Moringa leaves, kale and amla berries are just a few. 





Having plants in your work-space or even in your work free space provides a natural and colorful setting which can help you creatively. 

  • Keep a low maintenance plant in your work space such as a succulent or potted mint
  • Have fresh herbs available to you in your kitchen or dining area to promote healthy, whole food cooking 
  • If you have any outdoor space, start a small garden (Need help? Read Budget Friendly Urban Farming)





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