Vanity Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies

Did you know vitamin deficiencies can lead to poor vanity symptoms? If you have brittle nails, skin issues, fatigue or other annoying body obstacles, listen up! Because these could be the tip of the deficiency iceberg. Glow naturally from the inside out by incorporating an organic, whole food supplement into your life. For example our Beauty Bundle delivers benefits like lash, brow, nail and hair growth, stronger nails and hair, energy plus an improved and more balanced metabolism. Continue your reading journey to find out how vanity symptoms could be your body’s way of crying out for more nutrition. 


nutritional deficiency symptoms

Hair skin & nail issues? Could be a Vitamin C Deficiency 

Deficiencies in vitamin C mean your body can’t produce collagen. This is probably why one of the most common signs of Vitamin C deficiency is dry skin.1  Collagen is also responsible for reducing signs of aging.So it’s not a stretch to say your skin will show more signs of aging, if you’re vitamin C deficient. 

Fatigue is also associated with vitamin C deficiency.3 So those dark circles under your eyes could be related to not getting enough vitamin C in your diet! Additionally bleeding gums and sores on your skin are associated with poor vitamin C stores.1 


nutritional deficiency symptoms



Careful, not all vitamin C supplements can help

Did you know not all vitamin C supplements are created equally? Just like fast food and fast farming, we must beware of fast supplements! It’s much cheaper to use synthetically isolated vitamins that are produced using chemicals and questionable practices. Not only do these not work, but they can actually be harmful to your body! To cut costs some companies will even use fillers, sweeteners and binders. That’s not going to help your body out! Your body needs whole foods that are rich in vitamin C! Our 2 ingredient PureFood C contains organic, cold processed amla berries and moringa leaves. That’s it! Easy for your body to absorb and use. 

Learn more about how traditional vitamin C pills are wasting your time and money, by reading this article


Tired/looking to balance your metabolism? You need B vitamins

B vitamin deficiency generally causes fatigue as these are the vitamins your body uses to make energy!4,5 Vitamin B12 for example, can cause weakness, anemia, yellowed skin (jaundice) and a swollen tongue. Additionally B vitamins are known to regulate the metabolism which could help your body naturally absorb even more vitamins! This could help correct other nutritional deficiencies that you may not have even known about! 

nutritional deficiency symptoms

Vitamin B2 aka Riboflavin helps contribute to healthy skin and B3 (niacin) converts carbohydrates into energy.4,7  Problem: Do you have some of these symptoms? You need more B vitamins, especially B12, which is a very common deficiency. Solution: Our PureFood B  has you covered! Get all your B vitamins including B12! 50% of your daily value in every serving, to be exact. 


strengthen your teeth by beating your Vitamin D + Calcium DEFICIENCY

This vital duo is known for keeping your bones healthy!8 Want a healthy smile? Keep your teeth strong by incorporating a wholefood multi that contains both vitamin D and calcium. Our A to Z gets it’s impressive vitamin D and calcium content from mushrooms and dark leafy greens. These two need to be consumed together as they work synergistically in the body.8 Want to learn more about ingredient synergy and why it’s so important?

Check out this article. 


tired and weak? time to ditch your iron deficiency

nutritional deficiency symptomsIron deficiency is not fun. Not only does the absence of iron in your diet make you super tired and weak, but it can also cause brittle nails and pale skin.9

Our 3 ingredient PureFood Iron works fast to restore your iron stores leaving you feel supported and strong. It’s all in the synergy of our ingredients; Amla berries for vitamin C, curry leaves for iron and moringa leaves for B vitamins. The vitamin C, Iron and B vitamins work together so your body can easily absorb the iron and receive a boost of energy from the B vitamins in the moringa! Traditional iron pills are made with chemicals and other bad ingredients that can cause digestive issues. Luckily, because our PureFood Iron is all natural, it’s gentle on the stomach. The only thing you’ll notice is how great you will feel after taking it regularly for 30 days. Just make sure to get your blood tested prior to taking an iron supplement. 



unhealthy weight gain + poor muscle tone? IODINE to the rescue

nutritional deficiency symptoms

Iodine deficiency can cause Hypothyroidism which is the under production of thyroid hormones. This often results in unhealthy weight gainand poor muscle tone.10 Additionally hypothyroidism is known to leave people feeling sluggish, cold and fatigued. Our PureFood A to Z contains 70% of your daily value of iodine in one serving, as well as many other trace minerals!


Rethinking vitamins

Of course these are some of the more minor symptoms that can occur if you’re vitamin deficient. However, it’s time we stop thinking of vitamins as being an accessory, and start prioritizing them as the foundation of our health! Proper nutrition can impact all foundations of life. Learn more about how you can learn and expand your health and wellness by reading about The 4 Foundations of Unified Health



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