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Take the pressure off this new year and ground yourself in rituals and new practices. It’s always a good time to improve yourself, so don’t let societal pressures convince you to wait until January 1st. Here are some tips to keep in mind when committing to a new ritual that you can start any day of the year. 


Rituals all the way 

what is a ritualListening to my aunt talk about weight loss and fad diets for her New Year’s resolution as a kid drove me nuts. Aside from the obvious frustrations of patriarchal diet culture, the word resolution has always been a trigger word. The definition itself implies commitment: “A firm decision to do or not to do something”. Personal growth should not be about firm decisions that are set in stone. 

A ritual is defined as; “An act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set manner”. Much friendlier. Remember as you learn and grow, it’s important to change your rituals so they can adapt to you. This will ensure greater success and follow through. 

Ever wonder why resolutions don’t work? If the journey isn’t fun, you likely won’t stick with it. Here are some tips to make your self growth ritual focussed on  enjoyment.


choose Lifestyle over short term

Implementing small lifestyle changes are likely to help you stay on track, where as committing to intense diet what is a ritual. Why resolutions don't work. changes or excessive exercise regimes may be too much to keep up with. Start with small changes and add on throughout the year. For example, start with trying one new exercise class and see how you like it OR ditch the gym during the summer and opt for outdoor workouts. 

Try making fitness rituals like walking everyday after you finish your lunch, or park your car further away than normal so you have a longer walk to work every morning. It doesn’t have to be a huge change to make a difference! We’re not asking you to sign up for a marathon, we know that’s not everyone’s jam. Try a mild hike if you’re not a runner, this will expose you to a more natural scenery which has amazing health benefits, so it’s not all about sidewalk cardio 😉 



Bring Your Own Friend! Yes, bring a friend to a new workout class or link up with someone you care about to start a new ritual together. This will help with accountability, moral support and likely it will make it more enjoyable. Don’t forget that reaching out to your community to ask for help, is recommended if you need it. 


It shouldn’t feel like a chore 

Hate it? Drop it. Life’s way too short to eat things you don’t like, or do things you dislike. Find a salad or Buddha bowl recipe you love, go to fitness classes that make you feel good! Nothing should feel like a punishment or a chore. And remember, rest days are just as important as the hard cardio and weight days! Indulge in restorative yoga classes, steam rooms or a bubble bath. These things help your body relax, restore and get ready for your next sweat sesh. 



Don’t forget to reward yourself regularly for working hard to better yourself everyday. Rewards can be as simple as positive reaffirmations, or booking that trip you’ve been dying to go on. No matter your budget or time constraints, rewards should be a priority. Other ideas include: Journaling, cooking your favourite meal or setting a regular time or day for yourself to focus on you!  



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