What happens when you eat more fruits and veggies

Heal your body with food. All the ingredients we use could be grown in your garden. Whole food plants have phytonutrients, and full spectrum vitamins that your body needs. 

Get the most out of our products by bundling up. Here are the supplements that work best together: 


for anyone & everyone

dsc_3593If you are a breathing human being, the PureFood Trio is for you! Our Trio includes one 30 day supply of the PureFood A to Z, C and B.

The PureFood A to Z is our multivitamin that gives you 24 organic fruits and vegetables in every serving. Basically there’s an organic salad in every teaspoon! 

The PureFood C has the same vitamin C content as 20 organic lemons in every daily scoop. These organic, whole food vitamins will keep your immune system boosted, stimulate muscle recovery and help keep your nails, skin and hair healthy and strong! This is another go to product that everyone will benefit from, whether your a mom of 3 boys or a marathon runner, you’ll feel and C the difference! ???? 

Our PureFood B will give you 1080% of your daily recommendation of vitamin B6. To get that same amount of vitamin B6 you would have to eat over 10 cups of pistachios! You also get 810% of your riboflavin and 960% of your thiamine. That’s the same amount of riboflavin in 12 cups of sesame seeds, and the same thiamine content in 9 cups of raw, unsalted almond butter. One scoop of our B will give you an insane boost of energy. You’ll feel recharged and ready to take on your day.

These 3 products will combat stress, give you sustainable energy, your daily recommendation of organic produce, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fibre! What else would you expect from a jar of organic produce? We don’t add anything, or take anything away except the water. So you’re left with all the good stuff. 


The Smoothie sampler pack

stocking-stuffer_Boost your smoothies with nothing but organic plants. We took 1/2 a kilogram of organic fruits and vegetables, dehydrated them, and put them in travel sized sachets, so you have access to over 20 organic fruits and vegetables no matter where you go.

This bundle is only $14.99 and allows you test out each one of our Smoothie Booster flavours! Our Smoothie Boosters are the PureFood Trio in a travel friendly pouch. Perfect for anyone living that hectic west coast lifestyle! These are perfect for students, busy parents, yogis, workaholics and athletes. 

Here’s a little bit more information about what each flavour offers:

????The Original Greens Smoothie Booster gives you over 350% percent of your Vitamin C, 560% of your folate, 380% thiamine and a whole lot more. We love putting these in our morning smoothies. Don’t be surprised if you feel a massive energy boost after taking one of these bad boys!

The Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster is our tastiest product ever! Go ahead and enjoy the chocolaty taste of Raw Cacao while you get 230% of your daily recommendation of vitamin B6, 290% of selenium, 90% of your Iron, and 160% of chromium. All you have to do is shake one up with almond milk and you’re ready to go. 

The Super Berry Smoothie Booster is full of plant based antioxidants from all the organic berries. Get 210% of your daily recommendation of folate while you savour the summery taste of juicy berries. You’ll also get 110% of your vitamin C, 120% of vitamin K, 470% of chromium and 150% of selenium. The best part is these vitamins are from real food!  


crave that mineral

dsc_3588From 2009 to 2011 about 8% of women in Canada suffered from anemia or iron deficiency. Most iron supplements don’t work because they don’t contain any real food. Your body doesn’t know how to use synthetic vitamins, because we are meant to eat food! That’s why our supplements work.

There are only 3 ingredients in our PureFood Iron amla berries, moringa leaves and curry leaves.

You get 130% of your daily recommendation of iron in every scoop. You would have to eat 26 cups of spinach to get that same amount!

If you need more Iron in your diet, check out our Iron Plus Bundle

You’ll get 12 Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster sachets and a 30 day supply of our PureFood Iron. Because our products are made from potent amounts of organic produce, you’re body will easily be able to absorb the iron, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium. Also it should be noted that our Raw Cacao Boosters taste like chocolate, and they’re travel friendly! So you’ll have access to your minerals around the clock and across the globe!


How to take our products

The easiest way to take our products is to blend them up in your favourite smoothie. Our vitamins are just dehydrated organic produce powders, so if you’re in a rush you can shake them up in juice, water or yogurt. Perfect for the lazy person that wants to be healthy. If you want to get a little more creative you can add our products to raw desserts, smoothies, salads or put them in wraps. 

For inspiration in the kitchen check out some of our favourite recipes: 

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