Yin & Yang: Frosty smoothies for scorching days

Summer heat can really sneak up on you. One minute you’re outside wrestling with the wind and rain (secretly contemplating living in your warm bed for the rest of your days) when the next thing you know your weather app is telling you the following 5 days are going to be hot and sunny.  

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That’s how summer hits you in Vancouver, BC. The good news is you get to switch up everything from your workout routine to smoothie recipes when the weather changes. 

When struck with an out of the blue weather change, your body and aura might feel jumbled. Well what if we told you your 2 words and one smoothie a day away from feeling zen again? Yep it’s part two of the Yin and Yang chronicles! (Read part 1: Yin & Yang: sizzling smoothies for when times are chilly)

Normalizing your temperature will help your body function optimally. Feeling hot can bring on impatience, mood swings, irritability and general feelings of being uncomfortable. In some cases overheating can cause headaches, nausea, weakness, dizziness, faintness and muscle cramps.1   

Yin and Yang are not simply just two things to consider, but rather a healing way to think about food (and eventually other things in life). These two are opposites and happen to be the main concept behind TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It’s believed in order to stay balanced and healthy, one must equally consume Yin and Yang foods in harmony while considering outside factors.2  So taking this balanced approach when blending, could help you achieve a more even body temperature and keep your nutrient absorption, diverse. For example if it’s hot out, make yourself a cooling smoothie with ingredients that are in the Yin bracket. Getting into the habit of making a smoothie every morning is great, but using the same ingredients day after day in your cooking won’t expose you to new phytonutrients. Nor will it restore your balance and temperature if you’re not adjusting your recipes based on outside elements (weather, temperature, mood etc.) certain health conditions have even said to be linked to eating too much Yin food or too much Yang food.3


These smoothie ingredients and recipes will help you cool down and normalize your body temperature during hot summer months. 

Fresh citrus and ginger smoothies with fruit slices on rustic wooden background, view from above

Cooling YIN smoothie ingredients

Fruits high in water will help hydrate and cool your body, as well as liquids like coconut water and coconut milk. Coconut in general is a great smoothie ingredient as it’s high in electrolytes. Try adding in the following to get the most out of your summer smoothie:

  • Fruits: Watermelon, berries, grapes, pineapple, orange, melon, mango, grapefruit, peach. 
  • Veggies: Cucumber, avocado, celery. 
  • Others: Mint, basil, dandelion root, nettle. 

When your body is balanced and nourished with different organic fruits and veggies, you’ll feel great. Remember to switch it up and eat a mixture of blended, steamed and raw veggies. This way your body will get a mix of different nutrient profiles. 


If you’re feeling unmotivated and stuck in a blending rut, make one of our summery smoothies:

7 chillin’ Recipes

Palm Sunset Smoothie 

Basil Grapefruit Smoothie 

Strawberry-licious Smoothie 

Tru Blu Smoothie 

The Green Machine Smoothie 

Ocean Dream Smoothie 

Tropical Cacao Smoothie 







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