How caffeine is robbing your adrenals

coffee is not a good source of energy, coffee stresses your adrenals

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard coffee is bad for your adrenal health. Ever wondered why? Coffee triggers your adrenal glands which are responsible for releasing hormones that signal the body to go into fight or flight mode.This is our age old response system that tells our brain, yes fight and challenge that predator or no run away as fast as you can! As you can imagine, this is a stressful situation for you to be in, and every time you drink coffee, you’re putting your adrenals (and the rest of your body) through this plight.2 This is why many people feel a crash after drinking coffee or even experience anxieties while drinking it.3

In addition to hurdling your adrenals through this fight or flight, high alertness battle, you can actually end up with adrenal fatigue if your coffee habit persists.2 Think about it, if you’re overworking your adrenals everyday by being under stress at work or even things like traffic or arguing with your partner, PLUS you add on drinking coffee regularly, it’s very taxing. Your adrenals simply can’t handle that much stress, even if you’re the healthiest eater out there! Now of course you can stop this from happening by limiting your caffeine intake as much as possible.

Or swap it out for: Organic matcha powder (make sure it’s not sourced from China), organic green tea, our PureFood B or Harmonic Arts’ Kick Start! Superfood Upgrade

To learn more about matcha read our blog post & check out How to stay energized at work for more holistic energy tips. 



Caffeine acts as a diuretic in your body and actually dehydrates you.4 This is why you might feel the need to go to the washroom after taking coffee. This isn’t good for your skin as it needs hydration to stay strong and healthy. Coffee can also have a toxic affect on your liver. The liver acts as a purifier, separating all of the toxins that come in the body from the good stuff your body needs and uses. Naturally, prolonged exposure to the toxins in coffee can cause your liver to be built up with toxins to the point where it can’t purify your blood anymore.4  

Pro Tip: Watch The Human Energy Crisis video to learn more about this epidemic many people face. 



matcha latte

Swap coffee for our matcha latte recipe

Quitting coffee when you’ve relied on it for so long can be extremely difficult. Our advice is to get down to one cup of organic, fair trade coffee a day. From there you can choose to pursue cutting it out all together. Many people drink coffee because they need more energy. A good quality whole food, organic B vitamin supplement will provide your body with the sustainable energy it needs. This is because your body uses dietary B vitamins from food, to make energy

One helpful way to look at coffee is to establish why you’re drinking it. Is it because you’re tired, constipated or is it simply a social luxury you feel pressured to part take in? Regardless of the answer, this will give you a reason which you can then use to find a more sustainable answer to. (IE. If you’re using coffee for energy, perhaps try cut your consumption in half, and replace the caffeine you cut out with natural sources like the one’s we’ve listed above.) 

Now, whether you choose to cut out coffee for good is up to you, but relying on it to get through the day is not sustainable, and it’s probably covering up a more serious health issue. Not only that, it’s proven to run down your adrenal glands which are linked to your thyroid, metabolism and other significantly important parts of your body that help keep you well and alive. We strongly recommend cutting out coffee if you are dealing with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue or notice you experience negative symptoms after drinking it. To learn more about how you can beat adrenal fatigue, read our blog post Adrenal Fatigue – A Nursing Student’s Story





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