Morning Mojo Energizing Green Smoothie
  • 1 1/2cups Coconut Water
  • 3/4cup frozen mango
  • 1handful Spinach
  • 2tablespoons hemps seeds
  • 1tablespoon Nut butter
  • 4-8leaves fresh mint
  • 1/2-1tablespoon lemon or lime juice
  • 1scoop PureFood B + C
  • 1teaspoon matcha tea powderoptional
  1. Add all liquid ingredients to the blender first
  2. Next, add all solids, and powders
  3. Blend on high power for 1 minute, or until well combined and a bright shade of green
  4. Pour into a tall glass, and enjoy!
Recipe Notes



Emma Andrews Pranin Organic Ambassador ExpertEmma Andrews is a Vancouver based Holistic Sports Nutritionist (RHN), longevity educator, culinary explorer, and endurance athlete. Emma educates and empowers athletes – and life enthusiasts – to take a proactive approach towards their wellness and longevity.