10 Easy Ways to Add in More Exercise Every Day

We know how busy you are. Work, grocery shopping, chores, children and cats! Who has time for exercise anymore?! Well as always, we’ve got your back! Here are 10 simple ways you can find time to squeeze in some fitness in your everyday hectic life!

1) Rethink Your Morning Commute

If you drive to work, bike or transit. Or, drive halfway and transit the other half. If you already take transit, you can get off a stop earlier or later than the stop you usually get off at.

2) 5K Rule

If it’s within 5km, walk there! During the summer it’s so nice out, why not take advantage of it? Need to go to the bank that’s a 20 minute walk away? Don’t drive there, walk or ride your bike! You’ll be saving on gas money, and keeping the air clean!

3) Say, “No Thank You!” to the Elevator

If you can, always take the stairs!

4) Walking Dates

Meeting up with a friend for tea? Take your hot beverage to go, and walk while you catch up with them.

5) Get Moving While You Watch the Game

If you’re watching your kid’s/friend’s soccer or football game, watch them kick butt while you walk around the track!

6) Park Further Away

Park further away than you normally do at work, the grocery store and everywhere else! (If you have time to spare)

7) Get Others Involved

Ask around your work and see if anyone would want to start a walking/running club. It’s much easier to be motivated when other people are working out with you!

8) Look at Your Phone (No, Really!)

Download apps that encourage you to exercise, like Carrot Rewards and Pokemon Go!

9) Set a Timer

Set a timer on your phone for every hour. When you hear it go off, get up and do 30 jumping jacks/squats/ sit ups or push ups! You might look silly, but your rock hard abs will be worth it.  

10) Photo Challenge

Challenge yourself to take one really nice picture every time you go on a walk. Before you know it you’ll have a bunch of lovely pictures to look at, all from your new hobby!

Did we miss an idea? Let us know your hacks for getting some added exercise in on the daily by commenting, or reaching out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!