The PureFood Guarantee 

We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our PureFood Nutritional Powders that we offer a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.


If you don’t love how our products MAKE YOU FEEL after using them as directed for 30 days, we will gladly refund your purchase price. To start this process, fill out THIS FORM and submit it online to our customer service team.


before you fill out the form:

New to PureFood products and starting a new health journey? Here’s what you should know.

  1. Our products contain concentrated amounts of cold-processed fruits and vegetables that can have detoxifying effects. Upon first starting with PureFood products, you may experience some cleansing/detox symptoms such as loose bowel movements, headaches and mild digestive discomfort. This is common and not a cause for concern. If this is the case, reduce the serving size to start and gradually increase as you can tolerate and as your system adjusts to the increased intake of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet will naturally thin your blood. If you are currently taking blood thinning medication and start to experience bruising, please reduce your serving size of PureFood products to ¼ of the recommended amount directed on the product label and increase as you can tolerate. Do not make any changes to your medication without speaking to your doctor first.


Guarantee PROGRAM terms & CONDITIONS

  1. Valid on online orders made through only. If you have purchased from a retail partner, please return it to the point of purchase.
  2. Customer must submit a request within 45 days of product delivery and are required to ship your products back to Pranin Organic’s office. 
  3. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs of the product.
  4. Since our products are 100% food ingredients, this guarantee does not cover adverse reactions due to food allergies.
  5. Submission of a request does not guarantee a refund will be issued. Each order will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  6. Guarantee does not apply to expired or clearance products.
  7. Refunds will be processed on the payment method of the original purchase, once product has been returned to Pranin Organic.
  8. No more than one return per product per customer.
  9. Pranin Organic reserves the right to modify or change this guarantee program at any time.