Supporting the health of people and the planet

We care deeply about the planet and the people who live on it.

Not only do we create products that help contribute to people’s overall health and well-being, but in the process we want to be sure that the making of our products does as little harm as possible to our beautiful planet.

Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

We truly believe in the organic movement – it’s so important to us that we’ve included “organic” in our brand name. None of the ingredients we use are anything less than USDA Organic certified.

Organic farming helps protect our planet by eliminating the use of GMO’s, synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and looks to protect the biodiversity and quality of the soil.

We want to be sure that anything that goes into our products helps to leave the Earth better than it was before.


PureFood is Compostable

Our products are sourced from organic farms and do NOT contain chemicals, synthetic nutrients,binders, fillers, tablets, or capsules. If you ever have leftover PureFood powder that is past its best before date, you can safely dispose of it in your household compost bin, or use it in your garden to add in nutrients back into your soil.

We did exactly this last summer – we had some leftover powders from an old batch of PureFood A to Z that needed to be disposed. One post online and soon we had farmers and hobbyist gardeners stopping by to pick up our products for their compost!


PureFood’s Packaging is Recyclable or Reusable

We have chosen to put our products in amber glass jars to help protect the powders from oxidization, which degrades the nutrients. We avoided using plastic bottles to prevent our powders from being exposed to potential chemical leeching from plastics.

We are on the hunt for a better, environmentally-friendly, light-weight package that won’t compromise the integrity of our products. But until we find it, you can do your part and recycle or reuse our glass jars when your jar is empty. FYI, they make for great homemade candle holders, or could even be used for homemade natural cosmetics, if that’s your thing!