6 Mood Boosting Mindful Wellness Challenges

Being a well being isn’t just about eating healthy, it’s a whole lifestyle mentality. We know it can be hard to be your best self every single day. This is why we’re daring you to try one of our wellness challenges! These have helped us feel happier and more fulfilled, so hopefully they’ll help you as well.

1) Local Gifting Only

Regardless of what get together is coming up (Christmas, Birthday, family reunion etc.), sometimes it involves giving gifts to those you care about. Next time you need to buy something for your in-law, son’s math teacher, swim coach or cat sitter,make it a priority to buy your gift from a local artisans.

It’s a great way to find unique items, and at the same time you’re contributing directly to your local economy, and helping create jobs in your city. These items are almost always more ethical, sustainable and thoughtful than anything else you would buy at a mall. Try supporting a local artist, baker, or jewelry maker! The possibilities are endless. Get your whole family involved and make a pact to only buy local for holiday gifts! Tip: Farmer’s and flea markets are great for quick local finds! If you have more time to spare, you can always hit up garage sales, consignment stores or newspaper/online ads.

2) Try a New Activity

Okay so maybe you’re sick of running on the treadmill, or taking laps around the pool. Spice up your fitness routine by trying something totally out of the box! Go indoor rock climbing, try laughing yoga, go to a class at circus school or try paddleboarding. If team sports are more of your thing, there are dodgeball leagues, soccer tennis tournaments, and ultimate frisbee clubs.

Life is way too short not to try one of those wicked activities! Also how cool will your fitness photos look on Instagram? SO cool.

3) Smile at a Stranger You See

Yes, I know it’s scary making eye contact with people you don’t know, who are they?! They don’t know you!! Well, suck it up buttercup, no one said these challenges were going to be easy. The next time you make awkward eye contact with a stranger on the bus, show ‘em those pearly whites! Heck maybe you’ll even make a new friend to play Pokemon Go with.

4) Give Yourself a Pep Talk

It’s so easy to feel down about certain things in life, and maybe one evening after a particularly long day, you just feel a little blue. Next time this happens to you, stare yourself down in the mirror, channel your inner coach, and tell yourself you ARE a winner! You can’t spread positivity until you are what you preach. A quote that I love: “Be so happy that others can’t help but be in a good mood when they’re around you.”

5) Try a New Recipe

Recently, I was in a bit of a salad rut, eating boring crunchy salads that made me die a little inside with every bite (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration). But I had a word with myself and decided I deserved better! So I picked some kale from my garden, sliced up watermelon, threw in some basil, feta cheese and pecans. VOILA. A salad fit for Beyonce.

Trying something new and creative when it comes to food can seriously boost your mood! Tip: Keep it easy and fun. Try to find a simple recipe with reasonably priced ingredients, that won’t be stressful to make.       

6) Buy a Drink for a Stranger

No, we do not mean the cute guy at the bar. Unless that’s your thing, then by all means. We’re talking about a chai tea for the mom behind you in the coffee line, or a smoothie for the guy digging through his wallet for change. Maybe there’s someone you often see on your commute who’s down on their luck and could use a warm drink. All it takes is for you to do something nice in public, someone sees it, then they do the same thing and so on. It’s a tough world out there, kids! Spread the beauty and kindness whenever you can.

I hope these ideas were inspiring and maybe you’ll even try a couple out for yourself! Let us know which ones you tried, and give us your own wellness challenge ideas!

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