Women in wellness that inspire us

inspiring women *seductive DJ voice* “This one goes out to all the ladies.” Haha! But for real women are the bomb. See below for the fierce trail blazing babes that have left us feeling inspired. 





Credit: leefromamerica.com

Lee Tilghman

Of @leefromamerica

Lee’s Instagram feed and stories are a must-watch for me daily. Not only is there amazing food inspo, but Lee is a huge advocate for personal empowerment and taking charge of your own health. She is very vocal about how she lives with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and how she manages it with lifestyle and clean, whole foods. – Talia 


Our Experts & PureFoodies 

Yes our experts are the vegan bees knees. This incredible group of women have been with us since before we had  had a beautiful Instagram feed, so you know they really love us. They’re masters in the health and wellness space and enjoy helping people learn and grow.  

inspiring women

Fill your Instagram feed with inspiration, realness and education by following our Experts and PureFoodies.  – Kari


Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari

From That’s So retrograde podcast (TSR)

inspiring women

Credit: @soretrograde

These wellness babes are flat out hilarious and make my work commute both educational and enjoyable! I love the unique health and wellness experts they have on the show, I am always left feeling empowered and lifted. They are doing an amazing service by providing elevated education to those who may not be able to afford it or find it on their own, something my fellow struggling millennials will appreciate.

It’s been hard for me to stay positive this past year with my need to stay informed with current events whilst trying not to hate the world. This podcast has become apart of my self care routine allowing me to accept the reality of what’s going down, yet at the same time providing me real tools to care and love for myself and others. What up, balance?!

If you want to “Stop being a part of the pollution and start being a part of the solution” as one of their guests Shaman Durek best put it, get on team TSR. – Madison


Who are the women in health that inspire you? Comment below and let us know!

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