Intuitive Eating explained

By Chloe Elgar


How has intuitive eating played a role in your health?
intuitive eating

Intutive eating explained

Intuitive eating guides my life in every way. It creates so much freedom and ease by not having to worry about what I am going to eat or when I am going to eat it. I just flow with what my body guides me to eat and when it guides me to it eat- and with that, it creates freedom within my relationship in my body and how I feel about myself. I am healthier and more balanced than I have ever been in my body and I can truly say that I love my body and this vessel that I am living this life in. This shift in my relationship with my body, food and the world around me is a direct result of my spiritual journey.

The biggest thing is to not worry about the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision, and instead to identify how you are feeling and where in your body you feel it- so that you aren’t eating to avoid or cover up emotions. That way, your eating choices are easier to make because they aren’t wrapped up in your passing emotions.

How does it intuitive eating guide your grocery shopping decisions?

There is so much freedom and ease that shows up when you connect to and follow your intuition. Grocery shopping becomes less of a chore or a hassle and more an activity of joy and expression. To be able to buy what looks, sounds and smells good (appeals to the senses) and to trust my intuition in terms of what I will cook and create every day/week. It also makes the creation process more fun because you don’t feel stuck to follow a recipe or meal plan. Again, there is freedom. Grocery shopping is just an extension of that and part of the creation process (where inspiration comes in).

Sure, there might still be times when you don’t feel like grocery shopping or cooking- but in those moments you aren’t hung up on it. The fear of making the wrong decision or eating the wrong food disappears. Intuitive eating isn’t about control and fear- it is about flow and following what feels good (from a space of intuition, not sabotage or self-harm).

How can someone who may not feel they are connected to their intuition hone in and connect to their intuition?

Trust your intuition

The biggest thing about connecting to your intuition is in making it simple and easy. We detach and distance ourselves from intuition by trying to understand what it means and how that inspires us. Intuition is something you work with and connect to daily, whether you know it or not. You are already intuitive.

So, step 1 is to accept and embrace that truth. Next, pay attention to your emotions and where in your body you feel them. The more awareness you can bring to your body and your emotions- the faster you will be able to identify what guidance feels like or what a “yes” and a “no” feels like in the body. Emotions are simply energy in motion- the more that we can bring our present awareness to them, the faster they can flow through us and guide us.


What are the most common emotions that you feel, especially around food- and what thoughts do you notice around those emotions?

Amp up your awareness and try to keep judgment out of it. The other piece is to empower yourself by realizing that you already have a deeper knowing within you. It is just a matter of accessing it more often, to increase the volume of your intuition over your fear mind/thoughts.

How does a person begin to question/understand what foods are supportive of their physical and emotional health versus those that may cause them to feel 

intuitive eating

low and not energized; creating a vicious loop?

Starting the journey of understanding what foods resonate with your body, and what doesn’t- connects to the practice of emotional awareness. If we shut ourselves off from feeling our emotions, then we are also shutting down our ability to feel other sensations. Think of it like this- your body is sending you signals of what feels good and what doesn’t, but you have unplugged the wire connection between the feeling, and you receiving and being notified of the feeling.

Having a basic understanding of nutrition is a great place to start to begin to educate oneself and familiarize oneself with certain foundations of nutritional sciences. From there, it really is a practice of slowing down and bringing your awareness to how you feel before, during and after eating. Whenever you notice patterns of symptoms, you might want to take a closer look. What thoughts did you notice, how did you feel, what was happening at that time? A lot of our food and eating behaviours/patterns have been conditioned and created a long time ago- and requires bringing our consciousness back into that space to create gradual shifts. The most important part of this process is to bring compassion with you and practice non-judgment.

How does diet culture block our intuition of what is truly right for our body and mind versus following trends?

The diet culture is a complete block to intuition. It is rooted in fear and control- and removes the freedom to connect to how you feel or what your body desires. The diet culture reflects the desire to change and control the body, as opposed to support it and work with it. It is about suppressing the body’s guidance system (through control), which removes you further away from your intuition and the ability to connect to your intuition through your body’s messaging system. The biggest thing to recognize is that your body is highly intelligent and knows what to do- the more that you work with it and support (and trust it)- the happier you will feel.

Whenever we jump onto a trend- it is important to connect to what feels good (and to ask yourself if this trend truly resonates with you or if you are just doing it because others are and you are tempted by their results). A great place to ground yourself in what your intuitive guidance is, is to ask yourself “What feels good for your soul?”.

What actions, steps and practical tools would best help someone develop an understanding of what works best for them to feel their best self? 

The most important thing to get clear on is how you want to feel and how you feel right now. Food and eating are so closely connected to our emotions and whether we open to feeling them or block them off. Something that also relates to how you feel is what practices around eating and food feel good to you. What do you resonate with? What types of food behaviours/values do the people that you surround yourself with practice? Do they resonate with you?

Supportive podcast shows include:

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Manifest This


Soul on Fire with the Balanced Blonde

– You can book a psychic reading / intuitive healing session with Chloe here and join her monthly virtual workshop series called LIVE with Chloe where she dives deep into the different areas and topics of spiritual development (introducing a unique conversation around transformation).


Pranin Organic’s app recommendation: Buycott, an app that allows folks to ‘vote with their wallet’ by searching their database of UPC codes on food items. Essentially people have the power to search through their database to find out if foods are being made ethically or are a part of corporations doing some bad things to the environment, people or animals. 

What are your thoughts on people really connecting with their food? Meaning understanding/thinking about where it came from, who handled it, how it was prepared and having gratitude for each meal/food that you get to eat?

This can be a really beautiful practice around deepening your connection to the energy of the food, as well as your awareness of your own energy. It can help to slow yourself down, and practice mindfulness. Research shows that mindfulness is not only associated with feeling less stressed, it’s also linked to decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.1 Everything is energy and all energy has an impact on other energy. We are energy. By connecting to the energy of food, you can begin to have a greater understanding of the vibration of energy and make food choices that are based on vibrational matches (what feels good to eat vs what doesn’t). Just like picking a date or what movie to watch- all food holds an energetic vibration and the journey it has taken (and the energy it has interacted with) impacts that. As with all practices, this can be taken to an extreme where the mind gets involved and this becomes more about control and fear than mindfulness. It’s important to be present to the mind and whether this practice feels good for you, or creates more fear/anxiety.

What key nutritional products would you recommend to support your health? (this is meant to include our product(s) and noncompeting products)


  1. Pranin Organic Smoothie Boosters & Women’s PureFood A to Z

I love smoothies and smoothie bowls because they are always so delicious and a very easy and fast way to get an abundance of nutrition. I’m not always a huge fan of adding fresh greens into my smoothie bowls, so I love being able to use Pranin Organic’s Smoothie Boosters and the Women’s PureFood A to Z so that I can still get all the greens, vitamins and minerals- without adding a ton of fresh leafy greens. I also love using the women’s a-z during my cycle, to support my body with extra iron and folate.


  1. Medicinal Mushrooms

I’ve been a big fan of using medicinal mushrooms for many years. I love making elixirs, tonics and coffees- and adding in various mushrooms to enhance energy, brain health and to slow down the absorption of caffeine.

Giddy Yo and Harmonic Arts are 2 Canadian retailers of medicinal mushrooms and powders.


  1. Curcumin/Ayurvedic Herbs

I feel very connected to Ayurveda and enjoy following the various protocols, depending on what is happening in my life and what season it is. I really love including turmeric (curcumin) into my cooking, elixirs and body care products to support circulation and decrease inflammation. Cha’s Organic is a great brand.


  1. Essential Oils & Eye Masks – Saje Sleep Well Relaxing Kit

I use essential oils all of the time. I always have them with me when I travel and at home in diffusers. I also love sleeping with an eye mask to support a deep sleep and to really just dream deeply. I find that when I wear an eye mask (the one from Saje has lavender infused)- I go into a deeper REM sleep, which is great for healing and spiritual upgrading. Sleep is probably my number 1 tip for healing and balanced health.

A note from Pranin Organic: Remember to be patient and accepting of your journey with intuitive eating. We’ve been conditioned to believe certain foods are morally better than others, and that is simply not the case. To learn more about body acceptance and how to shut down diet culture, read our Body Positivity article. 


Chloe is a fairy spirit with the potency and wisdom of a witch and spiritual teacher. She has always felt the people and world around her at an extremely high frequency, spending her life interacting with others (since she was a young, old soul), guiding them through the obstacles of life. Her greatest joy is in leading other souls around the world into the truth of who they are; on a greater mission to expand and shift the consciousness of our planet. Her passion is in the connection to the divine and experiencing the joy of what it means to be alive, and helping others to discover this deep universal secret. Since Chloe was young, she felt a strong calling to help and Love the people around her. A gifted psychic and naturally empathic, this energy overwhelmed her as she lived through experiencing pain and trauma in the world around her and her parents. She blocked herself from overwhelm- creating severe eating disorders, depression and body suffering throughout her childhood. It was this pain that became the catalyst to starting her work as a holistic nutritionist and healer. Working with people and guiding them into their own healing brought Chloe back to that same connection that she knew as a child.

Chloe now works as an international psychic and spiritual teacher – guiding groups and individuals on the journey to the truth of who they are.









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