Nourishing My Body and Mind with Whole Food Nutrition

By Emily von Euw


Over the past year I have been evolving an eating philosophy that places my mental and emotional health at the centre. I don’t eat or live to see a particular number on a scale, measuring tape, pant size, or a certain silhouette in the mirror. I am OVER trying to fit unhealthy socially-constructed “beauty” ideals. Now I focus my energy, diet and exercise on feeling good and managing my mental well-being.

My mental health in inextricably tied to my physical health, since my brain is, after all, an organ. And like all organs, my brain requires specific vitamins, nutrients and minerals – coming from fats, proteins and carbs – to function optimally. I have learned that when I eat a whack load of whole foods coming from plant sources, I have a more positive emotional and cognitive outlook in my day to day experiences. (Needless to say, I do not recommend trying to “heal” mental illness solely through food choices. But I have recognized that there are other pathways to managing my mental health that I can practice myself; namely: eating a nutrient-dense diet to make sure I am giving my body and brain what they need to work the best they can.)

I don’t avoid more processed or refined foods – the other day I enjoyed an incredible double bacon double cheeseburger from a local vegan restaurant and couldn’t have been more satisfied – but I do make sure I consume plenty of nourishing meals and drinks everyday to cover all my bases. To me it’s not so much about what I should be restricting, but more about what I should be getting in regularly. In fact, restricting foods has played an unfortunate role in worsening my mental illness via eating disorders in the past and I am very glad to leave that mindset behind. I eat whatever I want now, I just always WANT vegan foods, and usually ones that are gonna do my body a lot of favours. But for a variety of reasons, I don’t always manage to eat all the most nutrient-dense foods in a day. And even when I do, it doesn’t guarantee I am meeting my recommended daily intakes for all vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

So, this is why I am so deeply grateful for Pranin Organic’s whole food-based supplements. They contain only gently refined food powders taken from powerful plants. They effortlessly provide me with more than enough of my RDI for a plethora of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They give me peace of mind that I am putting the highest quality nutrition in my body so I can wake up tomorrow with energy and a positive mental attitude. I especially love their PureFood Iron because as a person with a uterus who bleeds every month, I need that extra boost to take care of myself. That is what my new eating philosophy comes down to: taking care of myself. And with Pranin Organic’s supplements, that is so much easier to do.

I have dealt with low iron in the past and I have a couple friends who occasionally do now: it’s an unnecessary struggle and source of stress. Being slightly anemic made me feel lethargic, depressed and utterly unmotivated; it exacerbated my anxiety. Unfortunately, many people – especially women – suffer from anemia even when we eat a nutritious diet, vegan or otherwise. It’s imperative we get our blood checked regularly to make sure our iron levels are healthy. If you are anemic or close to it, Pranin Organic’s PureFood Iron is the most wholesome way to get your levels to a healthy place. Their products are what you deserve: high quality nutrition that allows you to function your best.

Check out Emily’s recipe for Cranberry Creme Tarts with an Iron Boost, featuring our PureFood Iron!




emily von euw 

is the creator of the award-winning recipe blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life. She is the best-selling author of three cookbooks: Rawsome Vegan Baking; 100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks; and The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook. Emily lives in Vancouver, Canada with her family.







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