chloe elgar

Chloe Elgar Pranin Organic Ambassador Expert

Chloe Elgar is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Holistic Nutritionist, Author & Speaker and the founder of Chloe‘s Countertop, a platform to support women and men around the world who are ready to step into their light and connect to their higher selves. Chloe is the author of the book Living in Light, creator of the podcast Conscious Conversations, and leader of intuitive retreats

Chloe works with clients through her Living True Mentorship and Living in Light Retreats to bring awareness and inspire conversation around body image, intuitive eating, and the psychology of eating. Motivated through her own body image story and journey through eating disorders, anxiety and depression, Chloe is driven to change the way we approach pain and darkness and how we face fear in our lives. 

Through unapologetic honesty, Chloe moves through her life story of family conflict, emotional trauma and crippling self-love issues – in the form of sharing stories, motivational speaking and creative non-fiction writing. Through her own story of vulnerability and bravery, Chloe’s mission is to empower others to discover/rediscover their inner joy and light be embracing the contrast of darkness and light. 

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