Master Your Metabolism

Whether your daily endeavours include watching late night weight loss infomercials or streaming the utmost current fitness fads online, you’ve definitely heard the word metabolism come up. The truth is, your metabolism isn’t only designed to give you that bikini summer bod you’ve been lusting over. I know, what a shocker.

Our metabolism is immensely complex. It helps every one of our cells stay healthy and fueled to help us take on the obstacles we face on a daily basis. That being said everyone’s metabolism is completely different. The way we burn calories has to do with our hormones, stress levels, physical health, and genetics. This is why Becky can eat 2 burgers, fries and ice cream and still be a size 2 (damn it Becky!).

Regardless, we know by now in some cases physical health can have little to no relation to size. However, if we can somehow master our metabolisms, this could lead to more energy, better mental health, and enhanced digestion. The benefits don’t stop there. Understanding the correlation between your lifestyle habits and your metabolic health may lead to elevated fertility, decreased anxieties and improved sleeping patterns.

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