Why is breakfast important?

Why is breakfast important?


why is breakfast important?

Why is breakfast important?

Why is breakfast important? Studies show eating a nutritious breakfast can improve one’s cognitive performance.1,2

Since most of the general public starts work in the morning, it is imperative to eat a balanced breakfast before starting the day to support their body and brain function to perform optimally.

One study found that eating a nutritious breakfast can actually improve your mental health.3

When you deprive your body of nutrition and expect it to perform cognitive or physical tasks, it will not perform at its best!

Not to mention skipping breakfast or eating a breakfast low in nutrients (i.e. muffins, cereal, croissants to name a few) over time could help lay the foundation for a nutritional deficiency. And, nutritional deficiencies can lead to mental health problems.4

Additionally, certain nutritional deficiencies can lead to feeling fatigued. B vitamin and iron deficiencies have been known to cause tiredness or general fatigue.5,6,7

As you can see, skipping breakfast regularly might be the reason why you’re feeling tired. This is likely not the way you want to feel.

So, we researched the top reasons why people aren’t avocado toasting and smoothie bowl blending in the morning, so we could brainstorm breakfast saving solutions.

Where to start

One survey found that most people who don’t eat breakfast skipped their morning meal because of 2 reasons:

  1. They weren’t hungry/didn’t feel like eating
  2. They didn’t have the time to make anything to eat

Don’t worry, if you’ve fallen victim to one of the above survey answers, we’re here to help!


Why am I not hungry in the morning?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to understanding why your body isn’t craving a nutritious breakfast, but there are a few common reasons this could be happening.  

why is breakfast important?

Why you should rethink eating a late dinner

Habits: Our body becomes used to food habits over time. So, if you’re eating a large dinner, plus late night snacks, you might not be waking up early. For ideal digestion, you shouldn’t make a habit out of eating food right before bed! As this spikes your blood sugar and inherently tells your body that it’s time to stay awake because we just fueled up. To learn more about how eating habits affect sleep, read our article about the circadian rhythm.

Solution: Start a new habit of not eating right before bed, and make a nutritious breakfast in the morning. Start with a small breakfast to introduce the habit to your body. Need help forming new habits? Check out our rituals article for tips.

why is breakfast important?

Stress can negatively affect your metabolism

Metabolic troubles: You might be suffering from metabolism issues. Let’s face it, life is stressful and stress affects digestion and other metabolic systems. One study found that shift workers were actually at greater risk for metabolic dysfunction than those who worked traditional office hours.8 This can be explained again by understanding your body’s circadian rhythm. Going against your body’s natural sleep cycle (waking up with sun and falling asleep when it gets dark) can lead to health consequences. Ensuring you get 7-9 hours of sleep every day is one way you can support your body and build the foundation for a healthy metabolism.


I don’t have time to make breakfast!
Why is breakfast important?

Crunched for time in the AM? We can help.

Morning’s are tough. Most of us hit the snooze button repeatedly leaving us barely enough time to get out the door so we can arrive to work on time.

This stress-inducing panic of a routine is bad for your health. No nutritious breakfast = more room for health issues to arise.

You can create more time for yourself by going to bed earlier, waking up earlier or doing some simple breakfast meal prep. You can cut up fruit and veggies ahead of time and freeze them for easy access in the AM. Then, just add the fruit and veggie combo to liquid in your blender. No need for chopping or peeling first thing in the morning!

Our 5-minute mango smoothie recipe is an easy and low maintenance breakfast option that will save you time and give you the energy you need to thrive.


The PureFood A to Z – Breakfast’s new BFF
Why is breakfast important?

PureFood A to Z; the all food multi.

Our foundational PureFood A to Z aka our ‘better than a multivitamin’ powder is a breakfast staple. How else would you be able to fit 20+ organic fruits, veggies and superfoods in a blender? Our PureFood A to Z powder includes; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, fibre and all the healing compounds naturally found in food.

Synthetically isolated vitamins are removed from their complimentary compounds that help with absorption. This is why vitamins in their whole food form absorb faster, like our 100% organic PureFood nutritional powders. 9,10

Get the most out of breakfast by adding 1 teaspoon of our PureFood A to Z to your smoothie, juice or water. You’ll feel amazing once you see the difference whole food nutrition makes!

Wondering if you need a multivitamin powder? We answered your vitamin questions and included our vitamin buying tips.



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