moringa for pregnancy

Moringa for pregnancy 

moringa for pregnancy

moringa for pregnancy

Moringa leaves are grown from a tree native to India, sometimes referred to as a drumstick or miracle tree.1 The leaves are used widely around the world as a nutritional supplement but have been used in India for thousands of years.2  Additionally, the benefits of supplementing with moringa have been present in Ayurvedic medicine for a very long time.2  This is probably due to the leaf’s anti-inflammatory properties, cancer-fighting abilities, cardiovascular benefits, antibacterial effects and potent amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.3 

Interestingly, moringa leaves offer unique benefits for new and soon to be moms! Moringa consumption while pregnant is a natural and encouraged practice in regions outside of North America.  This is due to the profound nutritional properties in moringa, and the super-foods ability to offer an abundance of health benefits that specifically meet the needs for new/soon to be mothers.4,5,6


moringa benefits and side effects


moringa for pregnancy

Moringa benefits and side effects

Moringa is a great perinatal food. Perinatal refers to the three main stages of childbirth:

  1. Prenatal
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Postpartum

Moringa leaves have a unique and nutritionally dense profile that benefits women at every stage of their pregnancy journey! 

Prenatal – Moringa leaves can help with reproductive health. It’s not like they have this magical superpower that will make anyone who consumes it a baby making machine! However, when taken regularly in addition to living a healthy lifestyle, moringa leaves can help women meet their nutritional needs in order to have a healthy pregnancy. 

Pregnancy – Moringa leaves are such a great food for pregnant women because of its rich nutrient profile. Pregnant women can meet their daily iron and calcium needs just by taking moringa leaves alone.13 Additionally, moringa leaves contain zinc, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and even protein!8 These are all important vitamins and minerals to have while pregnant or planning to conceive.6 This green leaf actually contains three times the amount of vitamin A that’s in carrots, over 7 times the amount of vitamin C in oranges, double the potassium found in bananas and 4 times the calcium in cow’s milk.

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Postpartum – Moringa has proved to help with breast milk production. 5,9,10 

moringa for pregnancy

Postnatal moringa soup

Due to the high vitamin and mineral count, as well as the bioavailability, in the Philippines women are encouraged to consume fresh moringa leaves during pregnancy and right after they give birth. 4  A traditional soup is made for pregnant women that contains moringa leaves. Women are fed this soup right after they give birth in some regional areas of the Philippines.4  



Moringa for breast milk 

It’s become more apparent that moringa leaves can drastically improve breastmilk production. Experts agree moringa leaves or pure moringa leaf powder is not only extremely beneficial for pregnant women, but also for women expecting to breastfeed. 5,9  Moringa leaves can actually stimulate breastmilk production, as well as increase it. 9,10 In one study, women who regularly consumed pure, moringa leaves produced twice as much breast milk as those who did not consume moringa leaves. 10 


moringa while pregnant
moringa for pregnancy

Moringa while pregnant

Some blog posts claim moringa can be toxic and especially dangerous for pregnant women. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

There aren’t any systematic reviews or medical research that is peer-reviewed,  that proves natural, whole food moringa leaves are unsafe for pregnant women to consume. Moringa leaves are safe and beneficial for everyone, especially pregnant women! Moringa leaves are not toxic. However, moringa tree bark and roots are not recommended for human consumption.11 These parts of the moringa tree are much more potent than the leaves.11 Most supplements contain solely the leaves, but it should go without saying one should conduct their own investigation prior to buying supplements. Pick a reputable moringa supplement from a company that has a magnitude of education and experience in dealing with moringa. Issues may arise if the company doesn’t have a safe, clean source of the superfood, however, this can happen with any food product. 

Another thing to note is like all foods, consuming too much is not good. One experiment found that someone would have to consume 3000 milligrams or more per kilogram of body weight, regularly, in order for moringa leaves to have toxic effects in the body.12 This amount is substantially more than anyone would ever consume. It would be very purposeful for someone to eat that much moringa, on an ongoing basis!

It’s highly improbable that moringa leaves will make anyone sick,  although it’s important to note that like any supplement or super-food, research and scrutiny should be applied before regular consumption takes place. As education around certain health foods becomes more available, these foods tend to burst in popularity. This leads to market saturation, meaning many companies will rapidly jump on the cash bandwagon to deliver the said nutritional food, without having done their research, testing and general due-diligence. Consumers are then left with a sub-par, perhaps even dangerous or contaminated product. The same holds true with companies looking to sell super-foods at a cheap price. As a consumer, it’s important to remember the old saying; “You pay for what you get”.

Self-lead research prior to purchasing and using supplements or superfoods should be a given no matter the circumstances, especially when these supplements are for your little one too! Additionally, we always advise our customers to have a healthcare practitioner approve any new supplements, even if they seem safe. It never hurts to get a second opinion! 


best multivitamin for pregnancy

To gain all of the wonderful benefits moringa has to offer, pick an organic, premium

Moringa for pregnancy

Best multivitamin for pregnancy

supplement that keeps moringa leaves in the most bioavailable, fresh state as possible. This will allow your body to actually absorb and use the vitamins and minerals. Make sure your supplement doesn’t contain any binders or fillers either! These could inhibit absorption. 

The first ingredient in our Women’s A to Z is organic moringa leaves, but it doesn’t stop there! Our Women’s A to Z contains 23 organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods that were hand-picked with the three P’s in mind; prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum. Hopefully you now understand the benefits of moringa for perinatal health, additionally, your body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals from different sources. Don’t worry, we’ve crammed a diverse bunch of whole, organic superfoods in every serving of our perinatal multivitamin.


A multivitamin that’s safe and sustainable 

Moringa for pregnancy

A multivitamin that’s safe and sustainable

Not only do we solely use organic, whole foods, we also use gentle production methods that allow the real foods we use to maintain the most nutrition possible. This means using methods like freeze-drying which ensure the foods are never heated above 40 degrees Celsius, ensuring the phytonutrients and water-soluble vitamins aren’t compromised in any way. Additionally, we only use light, air and water to turn organic produce into our powders! And… ready for the grand finale?! To keep nutrients alive and stable on shelves all across Canada, we use BPA free glass jars that are sealed airtight. No light, air, heat or water is going to get between you and your nutrition! So yea, we’ve got all the bases covered. Just stir, shake or blend, and rest assured, you’ll feel the difference in no time! 

What if you’re not pregnant but still want to feel the benefits a whole food supplement can offer? Try our PureFood A to Z! It has tons of nutrient-dense moringa in it, plus 22 more organic fruits, veggies and superfoods. And just like our Women’s A to Z, every ingredient was hand-picked by a Naturopathic Doctor, with over 25 years of clinical experience

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** Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, when moringa is mentioned in this blog post, we are referring to moringa leaves. We would never recommend ingesting moringa tree bark, roots or any other part of the tree. Pranin Organic only uses 100% organic moringa leaves.Prior to starting a new supplement while pregnant, it’s strongly recommended to consult a healthcare practitioner.

























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