Our rituals

As a New Year challenge, the Marketing Team here at Pranin Organic decided to adopt a new ritual and stick with it for 30 days straight. Here’s why we chose the rituals we did, and what we’re hoping to get out of the next 30 days: 

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Final thoughts 


Name: Talia 
Ritual: Positive Affirmations

This challenge has really morphed throughout the month from what I thought it was going to be. It started as speaking positive affirmations to myself, and now it is more about me being aware of how my overall environment affects my emotions, stress levels, and productivity.

Halfway through the month, I switched it up to be more about seeing positive affirmations daily rather than speaking them. Now in addition to that, it really has been about being mindful of my physical surroundings. What does my workspace look like? Is my house cluttered and messy? Do I love the physical objects that are in my space? What brings me joy?

Over the past two weeks I have really taken stock of my surroundings. I have de-cluttered my apartment and my workspace at the office, and started investing in new decor that brings me joy and enhances my space.

Looking back at the past month, what was really surprising was the cascade effect that one small change had on my everyday actions. In starting my day with positive affirmations, it brought on an awareness of external things that make me feel…less positive.

what is a ritual In meditating on this concept, I realized how much I love having fresh cut flowers in my apartment, yet I almost never buy any. That’s changing ASAP. I love having incense and candles when I come home from work. That’s now the first thing I do when I walk in the door at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be anything big and expensive, just take the time to meditate on how you want to feel and you’ll figure out how you can take steps to make it happen.

Create an environment that inspires you, and big things can happen for the better!


Name: Madison 
Ritual: Meditation

what is a ritual I love the idea of incorporating a meditation into my life daily. However, it’s much easier said than done! I wasn’t as consistent as I would’ve liked, but I did end up practicing pretty regularly. They were fairly short sessions, but I tried really hard to not put myself down for only putting aside a few minutes when I could. 

I did notice some days my mind was racing all over the place, which was frustrating. I did hear some great advice from a podcast host I love; “When thoughts come into your head act as though you are watching traffic from afar. Just kind of acknowledge your thought, and let it go naturally” I love this and it’s helped greatly. 

I think getting stuck on the amount of time I spent on my practice and a complete empty mind are things I was struggling with at the beginning, so luckily I was able to get over those two hurdles and create a regular ritual that makes me feel happy!


Name: Kari
Ritual: Journaling

I really enjoyed this challenge to integrate a new life skill. I did fall of the wagon so to speak a few times during my recent family vacation because routine was no longer routine. Initially, my intention was to write in my journal ever night before bed which was a great way to summarize and recount the day.
What I realized is that life is not always routine and instead of being hard on myself about missing a few nights here and there, I just picked up my journal and started writing free flow style to recall the days I had missed. I find journaling to be a great creative process and a wonderful self care tool which I feel will continue being part of my life but like I said, I will not be hard on myself if I miss a day here and there. I do know now after committing to this challenge for a full month that journaling has had a profound effect on my outlook of life. It has allowed me take in what I’ve experienced, process it, see the learning opportunities and to practice being grateful which has allowed me to feel more grounded and have a brighter outlook on life.



Back in time – our 2 WEEK UPDATES


Name: Talia 
Ritual: Positive Affirmations

Well, so far, the new ritual is going…okay. It feels really weird speaking to myself in the mirror every morning. It felt weird the first day, and it still feels weird today half way through the month.

I have found that reading/affirmations is more useful and feels more natural for me. I have added affirmations to my alarm on my phone, so when I wake up I see them instantly. In my mind, I start the day by saying “today is going to be a great day”.

I have also changed my wallpaper on my computer and phone to a more calm background, versus a bright one, that says “Breathe”. (Yes, it is important to remind yourself to do this!)

Lastly, I have modified my morning meditation in my daily yoga practice to include a positive affirmation/mantra. I have not been rigid with what that is – it really depends on how I am feeling that day. Some days it is “I breathe in life, I exhale love”, other days it is just repeating words such as “grace”, or “calm”.

I have definitely noticed that I have had more focus and have been more productive in my days since starting this. Is it related? Not sure yet, as I started this new ritual after coming off a week long holiday. We’ll see how things continue through the month!


Name: Madison 
Ritual: Meditation

rituals, what is a ritual Okay so I’ve definitely fallen off the boat a couple times… but to be fair you’re talking to someone who’s a rookie meditator. So, I’m letting myself off the hook a bit!

It was super hard to stick to at the beginning because I was setting a timer for myself and it just felt forced. So I stopped doing that and  meditated before bed just until I felt better. This has been working wonders for me! I sleep much easier, and I have felt some calming affects at work. I don’t even look at the time before I sit down or get up, I forget about time completely and focus on the way I’m breathing and feeling. 

We work in an open concept office which has shown to actually increase anxiety, which was happening a lot for me. Since meditating and working from home once a week, I have seen drastic improvements in my anxiety levels at work. So perhaps some of this is due to working from home, but may also be thanks to my new ritual! 

The mindset I have emboldened is letting yourself suck at the beginning and being okay with that LOL. Meditation is a skill like playing the piano or cooking, some will be better at the beginning than others, but it’s not a competition. Just keep showing up and do it to feel good!

Late note- I don’t normally meditate to music or sound, however I do enjoy this sound bath which starts at 23:11. It’s super calming and gives me blissful vibes (is that even a thing? It felt right to say).

Happy meditation’s, friends!!


Name: Kari
Ritual: Journaling

Woowee! This has been a great journey journaling. So far I’m learning a lot about my personmy daily thought process and that life really does ebb and flow, a lot!

I am definitely learning that it’s important to experience life and surrender to the flow. As well, loving my new strategy to continually bring things back to a positive note. Keeping my journal on my bed pillow has helped immensely to stay committed.

Can’t wait to see where I am at at the end of January and feel I will be keeping this new ritual in my life, it’s definitely benefiting me in a positive way.


Before we started – our intentions 

Name: Talia
Ritual: Positive affirmations 

Talia Wiebe Marketing Manager Pranin OrganicFor 30 days in January, I will be making positive affirmations my new daily ritual. I chose this because when life gets stressful, it is easy to get into a negative mental space that can easily spiral out of control. By starting the day with positive affirmations, I hope to start each day with a more positive outlook and a calmer, focused mindset that I can carry through the entire day. I want this to inspire more confidence in myself so I can bring my best self forth into the world.

One of the biggest leaps of faith in life is telling someone that you love them. But oddly enough, I think that can be an even more difficult thing to say to yourself! We are our own worst critics, and are much harder on ourselves than we are to others. By making a habit to say “I Love You” to myself everyday, not only will it become easier, but I hope [rather, know] it will start to really sink in and manifest itself exponentially and guide the choices I make in other areas of my life.

As with any new habit, making sure you stick with it is always a challenge! Here’s what I’m going to do to stick with this new ritual:

  • Setting daily alerts in my phone calendar as a reminder to start my day this way.
    • Deciding on a phrase or a few words I want to repeat to myself in the mirror for the entire week.
  • Upon waking up, saying to myself “Good Morning, Talia! Today is going to be an amazing day.”

The simple act of publishing this challenge here to you all is another strategy to stay accountable, too! Stay tuned for regular updates throughout the month to see how I’m doing.


Name: Madison
Ritual: Meditation

Madison Arrotta Social Media Pranin OrganicI do a lot of research and writing for Pranin Organic, and ever since I started researching and writing our article on the science behind meditation, I knew it was something I needed to implement into my life. Essentially there’s overwhelming evidence that suggests regular meditation helps build new neurological pathways in the brain, which helps you process information better. Not only this but there are other benefits to the brain as well.

Additionally most people are familiar with the calming benefits and stress relief that meditation offers. This too is something I, and probably everyone needs! So, making the choice to practice meditation daily was easy, however I’m not too sure the implementation of this ritual will be!

To help myself stay on task, I haven’t set any hard rules. This is exactly what deters me from setting new rituals in my life. I’m not committing to a time limit for how long I meditate, nor am I going to force myself to do it if I don’t have the energy or I’m not in the head space. If I fall off for a day, that’s fine! I will give myself permission and trust to get to it the following day. I think too many of us think that if we miss one day of going to the gym when we were ‘supposed to’ or eat something unhealthy when there were healthy options, we get down on ourselves. The thing is, we’re human beings and we’re always learning, changing and hopefully growing! So naturally, hard rules don’t always work. 

I am aiming to meditate until I feel better, for 30 days straight. This could take 5 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on the day and my energy. Hopefully I’ll feel more grounded, less stressed and overall happier! I can’t wait to check in and tell you all about my experience! 


Name: Kari
Ritual: Journaling

Kari Fraser Wellbeing Education Champion Pranin OrganicFor the month of January, I’ve chosen ‘Journaling’ as my new daily ritual. I chose this because I’ve always aspired to journal on a regular basis but haven’t managed to weave it in as a lifestyle habit, yet (operative word). Creating new lifestyle habits takes time and patience as well the attempt to keep trying. I also know I like being accountable when developing new skills, so this was a perfect opportunity to build this new muscle so to speak.

I know from my own personal experience that, if I write it down it gets done or it manifests into being. I believe writing is a very powerful, creative tool. I also enjoy the act of recounting what my experiences were in a day, it’s kind of like telling a story of your own life back to yourself so you can gain new perspectives and insights on your person and your truth.

I know some of my challenges in sticking with journaling in the past was due to not having structure. What I mean by this, is I didn’t know where to begin and tended to fall into focusing on what didn’t go right in the day or to be too self critical which then caused me not to enjoy the process of journaling. This time around, I’ve taken a new approach and have asked myself 7 key questions to keep myself inspired, accountable and on a positive track. The questions I am asking myself each day, at the end of the day before bed is:

  1. What was the general theme for the day?
  2. How did I feel?
  3. What did I learn? How can I apply what I learned in my life.
  4. What intentions do I wish to set moving forward?
  5. What am I grateful for?
  6. Positive Affirmations.
  7. What am I letting go of that isn’t serving me and my higher self?


To ensure I am successful in writing in my journal each and everyday before bed, I have place my journal on my pillow with pen ready on the page that is ready to be filled next. No way I can avoid it or forget about my journal because it’s in plain sight and I would physically have to move it so I can go to bed. Also, being a part of this new ritual challenge with my colleagues will help in my success factor. When creating new lifestyle skills, I believe it’s important not to feel alone and very important to be accountable to others. Having life cheerleader’s is a valuable asset.




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