PureFoodie Picks: Our Fave products



“The one PureFood product I absolutely cannot live without is PureFood B. I remember the first day I took it – the immediate energy and mental clarity it gave me was unbelievable. The best way I can describe it is that my mind was a dirty window, and then it was suddenly clean and clear. After being a full-time student for over 8 years while working an almost full-time job, its easy to see that I was a little burned out. PureFood B helped me restore my energy and brought me back to my old self again. I can’t live without it!” – Talia Wiebe, Marketing Manager. 



“The Smoothie Boosters are for the lazy person that wants to be healthy, aka me. These products are so convenient you will always find one in my car’s glove compartment or in my purse. The Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster is by far the tastiest product we make! I’m addicted. Who doesn’t want 23 different organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods in one pouch? I love shaking one up with coconut milk, coconut water or throwing it in my smoothies. Like I said, easy. And it gives me an insane energy boost, all the minerals I need for the day, and it tastes like chocolate!” – Madison Arrotta, Social Media Coordinator. 


dsc_3076“Most importantly, this product works and has helped me immensely.  I came to realize that low iron was the culprit causing me to be really tired all the time, in some cases feeling like I needed to go back to bed mid morning as well early afternoon. Having low iron also caused my wounds to heal much slower, to bruise more easily, to have brittle nails and feel cold all the time. Thankfully, a friend mentioned I should get my iron tested by conducting a blood test. This proved that my hemoglobin iron and Ferritin stores were very low. I immediately starting taking PureFood Iron and within a few daily servings, I had a lot more energy and didn’t feel exhausted mid morning or later afternoon. Over time, all other symptoms disappeared. This is a beautiful effective product to help individuals get back on track with their iron levels so they can feel better. As a foodie and nutritionist as well a vegetarian, this product resonates with my values because it is a safe 100% organic whole plant-based iron product coming from curry leaves paired with two high sources of whole food Vitamin-C from Moringa leaf and Amla berry to support the absorption of iron. This product, like all others in the PureFood line are created with synergy in mind and formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor to support absorption. I highly recommend this to individuals who know they are low in iron. If this is unclear, I would recommend going for a blood test to gain a baseline of your Iron levels; make sure you request that your hemoglobin and Ferritin are checked. Wishing you much health and happiness.” – Kari Fraser, Sales & Marketing Associate and Product Specialist Manager. 



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