Rethink the gift

Before you start calling me the Grinch, listen up. We’re not trying to rob you of your holiday traditions, however moving away from the purchasing assembly lines that tend to takeover during the holidays, could save you a lot of stress. The key is to gift modestly. This way you get to show your loved one’s a special kind of admiration and appreciation, but you won’t feel guilty for buying into the marketing and advertising spectacles fueled by massive corporations. Follow our tips on how to stay merry and minimalist this season. 


thrift it

Thrift shops are a straight up blessing, and not just for struggling millennials. What some would consider graveyards for orphaned clothing along with other miscellaneous undesirables, I would argue these second hand stores are havens filled with prosperity. Okay maybe I sound a tad poetic, but where else can a sister get an outfit for under 15 bucks!? If you want to get aunt Martha an original gift, burn down to your local thrift store or go on a classifieds website! This will keep things out of landfills, ensure your gift is authentic, and FYI it’s a lot of fun to go thrifting and score a deal. And if you don’t think it’s rad to take someone else’s abandoned lamp and give that beaut a new home, well we simply can’t be friends. Also aunt Martha will love your dedication. 



It’s commonly thought you have to gift someone a lavish trip if you’re going down the ol’ memories route. However these gifts can consist of tickets to an art show, concert, comedy club or sports game. Other ideas can include cooking classes, spa giftcards, art classes, snorkeling lessons or a cheap one night stay at a place out of town. Gifting someone with an event they can partake in with you, is a great way to spend time with that loved one and show them how much they really mean to you! 



#HEALTHISWEALTH. But really though. Gifting someone with yoga classes, credit towards a personal trainer or health products is another great idea. Everyone has somebody in their life who takes care of everyone so much, oftentimes they have little left for themselves. This is where you come in. Gift them with self care products or classes so they can focus on their personal well being for a little while. Use this idea to invest in small/local businesses so everyone wins. 



Services are another great gift. Get your parents a month’s worth of maid service to help them out with chores around the house, or hire a handyman to paint the basement suite your uncle has been meaning to do since 1987. Basically lend a real helping hand to your loved ones. If you have some extra time and you’re financially struggling, try accomplishing these tasks yourself. It’s a genuine way to show your love and appreciation. 



Use your own skill set to do something special. If you enjoy taking pictures, frame a couple of your favorites and gift them. Create some art, write a song, or make homemade baked goods, beauty products, candles etc. People love handmade goods because they take extra time and consideration. 


Get creative this year by gifting experiences, supporting small businesses and most importantly, spend time with your loved ones! Happy Holidays. 




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