Staycation Summer Guide

No need to take off on a tropical getaway. BC is full of beauty and adventure. Read on for the mountains, trails and beaches the locals are hitting up!




Julian is on his best selfie game while taking in the view at the Stawamus Chief in Squamish! This hike is perfect for the whole family and the breathtaking view at the top is worth every step. There are 3 peaks for you to choose from, so you can keep it chill or challenge yourself. Don’t forget your sun hat and sunglasses! 









I love hiking the 10K Whistler High Note Trail with my family in the summer. The healthy alpine air and alpine views always inspire and energize our family.  The views of Cheakamus Lake with the alpine wildflowers in full color-explosion bloom keeps me coming back for more.” – Julian






Madison’s close to home paradise is Squamish BC. On the way up to Whistler she enjoys going to Nester’s to grab some Kombucha and snacks! You can hike the Chief like Julian or take a break and catch the gondola. Bring your shaker bottle up for the ride. 






“I love hiking and being outdoors in general. I’m so grateful to have BC as my backyard. If you’re looking for a quick adventure that fits into your busy Vancouver lifestyle, try hiking Quarry Rock. It’s a fast minimal hike with mini waterfalls on the way up and a stunning view at the top. It can be super busy on weekends so my friends and I head there on weeknights after work, in the late spring.”   – Madison






“Hiking in and around the Black Tusk back-country to view massive mountains, wildflowers, glacier feed lakes and a panoramic view of the surrounding Cascadia Arc and Garibaldi Volcanic belt is a profoundly enriching experience. Being in the wild outdoors in a sanctuary to me.” – Kari








Wreck is an internationally acclaimed nudist beach bustling with a very community oriented and festival vibe that is an international melting pot. It’s a fun and safe place to go solo, with a group of friends and with family. There is always live acoustic music playing by various beach goers, drum circles, mini dance parties, lil pop-up shops and delicious homemade food to buy along with the typical beach sports activities to get involved in like volley ball, frisbee, skimboarding, swimming, etc. It’s a fun tropical oasis in the summer time at the edge of UBC that makes you feel like you’ve gone on a mini vacation. Plus there is amazing sunsets!!! Really though, any time a year is great down there.” – Kari 

Pro Tip: Take this Vancouver beach with you anywhere you go, with our Wreck Beach Smoothie recipe



“Long boarding is such a fun way to get around, it’s like surfing or snowboarding. Skating the Lynn Canyon paved forest trail is such a treat on whether it be on a bicycle, skate board, roller blades, etc. It’s a 10 km trail one way to a glacier fed river at the end which is a nice reward before turning back to enjoy the deep forest vibes for another 10 km trek back to the parking lot. 20 km’s of fresh rainforest air, beautiful scenery enjoyed solo or with friends is a wonderful way to move your body and decompress from city life.” – Kari



Advice: Get outside by joining a group that shares the same passions as you! 

Kari’s top picks for her rides are the sea to sky towards Pemberton, Lillooet lake as well many of the back farm roads in the lower mainland. 

“It’s really hard to articulate what it’s like to ride a motorcycle and to also ride with a group of women (The Litas Vancouver Chapter). To put a few words on it, it is pure accelerating ecstasy to blast through the atmosphere on a high powered machine and with a sisterhood. Being behind the handlebars of a motorcycle has great responsibility that serves up immense rewards each and every time you get on and ride. Braaap!” – Kari 



Tofino is a magical outdoor oasis that, for me, acts as a wonderful refuge from the big city and is a way to hit the reset button. From swimming or surfing, to taking long walks on the beach to exploring the rain-forest trails, viewing wildlife, enjoying boutique shops, restaurants and craft beer, to experiencing the dramatic weather on the wild edge of BC, Canada; Tofino is a home away from home where I can go to reflect on life and reconnect with nature.” – Kari






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