How holiday stress negatively impacts your body

Stressed out & tired

stressedIf you’re a human being on this planet, chances are you come into contact with stressful triggers every single day. Things like traffic, financial troubles, family responsibilities and other daily barriers could be responsible for robbing your energy and overall health. But these stressful triggers often multiply over the holidays; think cooking, cleaning, hosting and attending parties etc. 

The problem with this is our bodies have to work extra hard and use up more vitamins and minerals when we’re under stress.9 


How our body works while under stress 

holiday stress

Ever wonder why your heart races or why you sweat when under stress? Just as you push yourself harder during the holidays, your body works harder when under stress. 

Our body regulates stress responses through our adrenal glands.11 They are one of the primary organs of our metabolism. These two glands are responsible for releasing adrenaline, a hormone that prepares your body for ‘Fight or Flight’ and cortisol which helps control blood sugar.6 Unfortunately, constant or chronic stress fatigues our adrenal glands and impairs our ability to appropriately respond or bounce back from stressful situations, leaving us feeling “burnt out”.7 Over time, this could potentially lead to experiencing a nervous breakdown.2,7


Unhealthy Weight Gain

Stress can be the culprit not only for extra weight put on during or after the holidays, but other universal weight changes like the ‘freshman 15’ and postpartum weight gain.5 Why this happens:

Our adrenals respond to sustained stress by producing more and more cortisol. As part of this survival response, our bodies increase glucose production through the liver and boost insulin release via the pancreas – both of which are associated with diabetes. Our rates of fat storage and food intake are also increased, which are associated with obesity.7 If we don’t take action to support the health of our adrenal glands, we risk compromising our metabolism and increasing our risk for chronic disease.2 

holiday stressThe truth is, when we are faced with stress in our lives our bodies require more nutrients to help keep it running. Eating too much of the wrong foods (think sugar, energy drinks or caffeine for that quick energy boost), or not enough food (like skipping meals), can have a serious impact on our metabolism and ultimately our health.2 Paired with increased alcohol consumption at holiday dinners, and you’re left with weight gain and a high potential for nutritional deficiencies.2 Don’t be afraid to indulge over the holidays, but balance it out with a healthy lifestyle. 


Nutritional Support

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For everyday wellness we recommend adopting a healthy, active lifestyle and an organic, plant-centric diet. Eating nutrient dense, whole foods daily will not only help your adrenals function optimally, but the rest of your body will thrive as well.4 Take whole food vitamin C for example, due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, it can help your body recover after intense physical or mental stress.8

Unfortunately fast farming and conventional produce don’t cut it. Organic foods have the most antioxidants and nutrients,1 partially due to the healthy soil their grown in. Additionally nutritional deficiencies require mass amounts of vitamins and minerals, some are heat sensitive and hard to find in regional foods. Also, did you know stress can impact your stomach’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals?2 Yikes.

Luckily our supplements are an easy way to give your body the organic fruits and vegetables it needs to stay healthy and beat nutritional deficiencies that can be caused by stress.


How our powders work 

holiday stressDon’t worry folks, there’s no rocket science here.

It’s not hard to believe that tons of organic, nutrient dense foods will help your body, and more studies are finding the best way to beat stress and and even disease, is by eating more nutrient dense, plant  foods.2,3,4 Our formulator Dr. David Wang has done all the hard work of sourcing nutrient dense foods from around the globe, so all you have to do is enjoy our nutritional powders, and take in the benefits. 


The nd that started it all

dr-david-kayaking-img_6677All of our powders are crafted by Naturopathic Doctor, David Wang. With balance in mind, each live ingredient plays an integral role in healing and restoring. Feeling great doesn’t have to be hard.

Long story short; you can’t entirely avoid stress, it’s natural to have some stress in your life, how you take care of your body will help with the reaction that follows stressful triggers. With proper nutrition, exercise and overall mindful wellness, you’ll be able to strengthen your adrenals to unlock more energy. 


The 4 letter solution


Dr. David Wang recommends the PureFood Trio for regular adrenal support. Pranin Organic’s PureFood Trio consists of an A to Z multivitamin (PureFood A to Z), a B vitamin blend (PureFood B) and of course vitamin C (PureFood C). But don’t be fooled, these aren’t any old vitamins. Each BPA free glass jar contains cold processed, organic fruits and vegetables that will provide your body with the foundation of nutrition it needs. These ultra-nutrient dense supplements are easy to absorb and contribute to an everyday healthy, holistic lifestyle. If you’re anemic or low iron, you’ll want to check out our PureFood Iron and for soon to be/new mom’s we have our Mom’s A to Z

If you feel burnt out regularly, you could be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Don’t know what that is? Neither did the author of our blog post  Adrenal Fatigue – A Nursing Student’s Story.

Don’t ignore the messages your body is sending you, take the cues and give yourself the nutrition and support you need and deserve. Fall in love with taking care of yourself!

Use the Trio and make our Crabtree Smoothie












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