Let's talk intuition & what it has to do with food

What is intuition? 

what is intuition

Intuition is an interesting thing. Somewhere, deep down, we all desire this powerful connection- the one that tells us that we are on the ‘right’ path and that we are doing a good job. As the global awareness around intuition expands, the desire to practice spreads beyond the practicing psychics. We all crave the connection. The good news is: we are all intuitive. There is no separation between someone who practices intuition for their work and someone who has no idea of what intuition means- the only difference is the perspective. At some point or another, intuition comes knocking on your door- asking you to pay attention. To re-route. This ‘knock’ can come through life changes, disease, trauma, catastrophe, eating/body/food imbalances and more. What connects each of these situations is the internal impact of the hit. The point that is becoming increasingly clear is that we don’t have to wait for a major trauma to make the decision to connect and work with our intuition. We can do it today, now, in this moment.


Intuition & food 

As I started preparing food with love and respect, and enjoying it and sharing it with others- space was created to spend more time in intuition and connect to what it meant to ‘feel good’ for the first time.

That’s the thing about eating and high vibrational nutrition. Even though it seems as though it is a very simple process with immediate results- there is a lot going on beneath the surface that we might not be aware of. We might not always be aware of the impact, until weeks/months/years later.

When our bodies are fueled with colours, textures and flavours that represent the energies of nature- something happens to us. Our mood changes, the way we feel in our body changes, our appearance changes and our overall state of joy shifts. My favourite way to bring a sense of ‘ease’ into my life is to make beautiful bowls of food. When I start my day with a bright and vibrant smoothie bowl, decorated with fruit, my favourite toppings and is in a beautiful bowl that I love- it sets my energy for the entire day. This is where intention setting comes into play- the idea is that you decide how you want to feel and then you believe that feeling it is not only possible, it is accessible in that moment. The key with nutrition is getting your fundamentals in a fast form that still tastes delicious. That is where products like pranin’s products come into play. I know that by adding in a few scoops of A-Z, B’s and C’s, I am good to go with a delicious berry, banana, chocolate, almond butter smoothie bowl. It tastes good, I enjoy it, I feel good and I know that my body is feeling good based on the messages that it sends to me while I eat, and after (digestion, skin, energy levels).

Aside from filling your plate with colours, textures and flavours of nature, and really sinking into the experience of eating it, there are a few ways to practice intuition daily (beginner style).


How to practice your own intuition 

And deepen your connection to food and your body. 

When you eat a meal, do the following:

  1. See if you can notice how it immediately impacts your body
  2. Ask the food if there is any message it has for you
  3. See if you can imagine how the food was created (what is the food’s story? What images do you see?)


Other useful tips:

  • When you eat a “nutritious” meal, pay attention to how you feel 1 hour after, 2 hours after, 1 day after.
  • Pay attention to how your body processes the food you eat and also how you are feeling when you eat it. If you eat under stress- how does your body process the food versus eating in peace and calm?
  • Identify the taste that you are craving (for instance sweet or salty) and have two options in front of you: one that is nourishing and one that isn’t (for instance- baked sweet potato chips/fries and store bought lays). Ask your body/intuition which is a higher vibrational food and which it craves? Pay attention to the thoughts that you receive and how you feel.


My personal Journey with intuition

What I have found is that working with intuition is about ‘feeling good’ and settling into the idea that life can be easy. We all seemed to be trained and wired to believe that:

  1.  Life doesn’t work out &
  2.  We have to work hard to get what we want. 

Also, we carry a belief that we aren’t meant to always be happy and we have to find happiness. Somewhere deep down, we all carry some (or all) of these beliefs.

I haven’t always practiced intuition in the way that I do now. Ever since I was young, I have been told that I am “crazy psychic”. As a child, I didn’t really understand what people were talking about. I just knew things.

My connection to intuition really started when I began my ‘recovery journey’ through eating disorders. After years of working with psychologists, therapist, counselors (and you name it, really), I found myself in the office of a medical intuitive who was practicing as a family doctor. It turned out she was on her own journey of spiritual connection. Once she made the shift from GP to MI (medical intuitive), I began seeing her regularly. The thing is, we didn’t ever focus on the eating disorder. We went deep into the hidden energy spaces from my childhood- exploring the patterns of thought, belief systems and places of fear that kept me stuck in the cyclical story of my life. We began to uncover the places where I held beliefs about life not working out and being unhappy and we gradually re-wired these pathways. As a result, I not only ‘healed’ myself from bulimia and depression (and anxiety), but I also began the deep journey to discovering what all of these people really meant when they said I was “crazy psychic”.


Soul food

intuition Whenever I speak about intuition and my journey of connection- an important focus is on nutrition. Through connecting to my body and learning about food and how it impacts the physical vessel, we are able to shift our relationship to not only food but also to our bodies and how they thrive. When you begin to learn about food from an energetic point of view and you expand your knowledge of how food is received in your body- a whole shift takes place. Suddenly, food isn’t just this thing that we consume daily for various forms of pleasure and distraction. Sure, we know that food connects us, but do we really experience it? Food carries a story with it- where it comes from, who touched it, why it was created and what it is for. It carries an energy. A message. Every single time we consume, we are connecting to an energy.

When I look back at my journey, I can appreciate that a large part of my connection to intuition started when I studied Holistic Nutrition. A step guided by my intuition, despite all of the reasons that my mind created against going. That year, I learnt all about the different ways to eat and how to heal and nourish my body. Even though I was learning about things from a mental perspective, energetically and spiritually, other things were going on. Shifts were taking place.

There’s no finish line when it comes to connecting to your intuition and intuitive energy goes far beyond what we eat and how we prepare food. For more information on how you can work on your own unique intuity, as well as guidance and conscious inspiration, head over to chloescountertop.com




Chloe Elgar Pranin Organic Ambassador Expert

Chloe is a fairy spirit with the potency and wisdom of a witch and spiritual teacher. She has always felt the people and world around her at an extremely high frequency, spending her life interacting with others (since she was a young, old soul), guiding them through the obstacles of life. Her greatest joy is in leading other souls around the world into the truth of who they are; on a greater mission to expand and shift the consciousness of our planet. Her passion is in the connection to the divine and experiencing the joy of what it means to be alive, and helping others to discover this deep universal secret.

Since Chloe was young, she felt a strong calling to help and Love the people around her. A gifted psychic and naturally empathic, this energy overwhelmed her as she lived through experiencing pain and trauma in the world around her and her parents. She blocked herself from overwhelm- creating severe eating disorders, depression and body suffering throughout her childhood. It was this pain that became the catalyst to starting her work as a holistic nutritionist and healer. Working with people and guiding them into their own healing brought Chloe back to that same connection that she knew as a child.

Chloe now works as an international psychic and spiritual teacher – guiding groups and individuals on the journey to the truth of who they are.

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