5 fulfilling self care tips to help you feel radiant

Spring is in the air and so is self care.  In some ways society teaches us loving ourselves is vain or egotistical. This could not be further from the truth. Self love is not simply buying whatever you feel like or eating everything you crave until you feel sick! It’s about giving yourself what you need to grow and radiate positivity and love. Loving the world starts with loving and caring for yourself! So we reached out to a couple holistic beauty experts to find out what their personal self care strategy is.

headshot-2 Jacqueline Parker and Amanda Gangoso are the owners of The Green Beauty Collective. The GBC is an innovative, holistic beauty hub that offers green beauty options for women who are ready to make the switch to healthier beauty products. Co-founders Jacqueline and Amanda assist their clients needs by providing educational workshops, lessons and pop up shops in the Greater Vancouver area.


By caring for themselves and practicing self love, Amanda and Jacqueline are able to nourish and flourish from within. Stay holistic and happy by following their self care checklist:


Woman indoors in bed drinking tea


You Do You – Take time for yourself. Sometimes this means practicing using the word “no”, sign up for an activity you’ve been thinking about for a while, turn off devices for a period of time, relax, light your favorite candle. Many of our clients treat themselves to a makeup application for a special occasion or a makeup lesson to learn new tips.



Ndsc_4364ourish – Eat fresh whole foods, avoid processed foods, eat colours – think rainbows, drink water. Pranin Organic’s nutritional powders make it easy to get a big serving of nutrient dense, organic fruits and vegetables. Take care of your body from the inside out, your skin will thank you. Using good quality skincare products is important too, one of our favourite nourishing serum is the Vitamin C serum from Viva.




Invest – Don’t be afraid to invest in the products that you love, your favorite face oil, bath soak or lipgloss, this is part of your beauty ritual. Being a quality product doesn’t mean it will have a high price tag attached to it.




Young woman relaxing outdoor travel freedom lifestyle with mountains on background. Fashionable girl in the Mangart is a mountain in the Julian Alps, located between Italy and Slovenia.


Movement – sweat, move, have fun, engaging in an activity you enjoy will boost endorphins, help you sleep better, boost energy. At the GBC we love heading out for a morning hike before work or walking the seawall. Fresh air creates fresh thoughts.





Eat your cake – what we mean is, people get so obsessed with eating “clean” we believe you need to enjoy your favourite dark chocolate (Ours is Zimt!) or fresh croissant once in awhile. We are human, we are meant to enjoy life, keep eating whole fresh foods AND enjoy a treat here and there. Your life is meant to be lived, enjoy it! 



headshotAt The Green Beauty Collective we like to have fun! we want women to feel re-connected to themselves and their environment through holistic beauty. Our education & shopping hybrid experience goes beyond the surface of “what you should look like” and supports you in how you ultimately want to feel. Because your beauty ritual matters. Read more about Amanda and Jacqueline here!





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