What is ingredient synergy?

How our ingredients work together


So you’ve got all of these ingredients in your supplements, but did you ever stop to think how or even if they can work together?

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Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An example of this would be the ingredient synergy in our PureFood Iron. Each of the 3 ingredients work together to give your body the whole food iron it needs to function optimally. The organic curry leaves provide your body with dietary iron, and the amla berries and moringa leaves are high in whole food vitamin C, not synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is what a lot of companies will use. Whole food vitamin C actually helps you absorb the iron, and So scientifically if we just gave you one of these 3 ingredients, your body wouldn’t have all the tools it needs to absorb and use our iron product. Experts even tote that the antioxidant and anticancer properties in fruits and vegetables are so strong due to the the synergistic affects of phytochemicals. These qualities are impossible to recreate, which is why vitamins made in a lab, just don’t cut it.  


Ingredient X Body synergy 

Another example is the vitamin D in our PureFood A to Z. Many people question where we get our vitamin D from. The answer is portobello mushrooms! However, Dr. Wang knew that in order to get mushrooms to produce vast amounts of Vitamin D, we would need to find a supplier that flipped the mushrooms upside down, in order to expose their gills to sunlight.

When we’re in the sunlight our cells take the light and convert them into a form of Vitamin D that we’re able to absorb and use.Something very similar happens to mushrooms when they’re gills are exposed to sunlight. Mushrooms are naturally rich in a provitamin form of D2 (ergosterol) which is hard for most people to absorb, but when you put your mushrooms in the sun for 30-60 minutes (12pm-3pm for best results) the provitamin D2 is converted to regular D2 (ergocalciferol) that your body can actually absorb and use.2 So if you’re vitamin D deficient and you need more than what our A to Z offers, make sure you eat lots of mushrooms that have soaked up the sun!2

To further allow your body to easily absorb the vitamins and minerals in our powders, we make sure to avoid using binders, fillers, capsules and other synthetic additives that prohibit your body from fully accessing the nutrients it needs. 


Why do we take all of these extra steps to ensure our powders work?

Our PureFood line was formulated by Dr. David Wang, a Naturopathic Doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience. When creating the Pranin Organic line, he made it a priority to focus on ingredient synergy. By studying the biological makeup of each ingredient, and keeping them in their raw, unrefined state, Dr. Wang was able to create a line of products where each ingredient synergystically works together. 

His passion lies in healing people. Over his many years of practicing as an ND, he’s seen first hand that traditional supplements don’t work. Our body doesn’t know how to use synthetics, nor can it use foods that have been heavily processed and refined, or carelessly added in the mix without considering synergy. This is why Dr. Wang, and everyone at Pranin Organic strives to make the PureFood line as nutrient dense, and bioavilable as possible.  


How synergy benefits you

Focusing not only on the synergy of our ingredients have with one another, but also the synergistic effects of these ingredients in your body allows us to craft supplements that your body can easily absorb and use right away. If you`re using supplements that don`t take that into account, you`re probably not absorbing many/if any of the minerals and vitamins those ingredients have to offer. 

Ingredient synergy is very important, but you also have to ensure your supplements contain whole, organic foods that are in their natural, fresh and unadulterated state. To find out why this is so important, read our article Why you need to start eating more live food. 



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