PureFood Iron (Discontinued)



PureFood Iron is a whole-food organic Iron powder made from organic curry leaves, amla berries, and moringa leaves. PureFood Iron is an ideal replacement for traditional synthetic iron supplement pills, tablets, and liquids, and is a vegan food source of Iron and Vitamin C that does not cause digestive upset or constipation. 

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Directions: Blend one scoop into water, juice, or a smoothie every morning. (Scoop included). Refrigerate jar after opening.

PureFood Iron is a vegan iron powder made entirely from 100% organic plants, and is a replacement for traditional iron iron supplement tablets, pills, and liquids*. Some iron supplements are made from rock parts, making them very hard to digest and is why they can cause stomach upset and constipation. And you don’t have to be a genius to know that humans aren’t meant to digest rocks!

We don’t add in any binders, fillers, or synthetic ingredients into our products. Plus, you also get the naturally occurring fibre, phytonutrients, amino acids, and enzymes to support absorption.

Add one scoop of PureFood Iron to water, juice, or your favourite smoothie recipe first thing in the morning as a source of dietary iron.

*Have your doctor confirm that you have low iron before taking our PureFood Iron product. This can be done through a simple blood test to measure iron, hemoglobin, and ferritin levels. 


All ingredients are 100% Organic

Curry leaves, amla berries, moringa leaves.

Each serving of PureFood Iron contains:



Daily Value


21 mg


Vitamin C

9 mg



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