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Dr. David Wang, ND, founder and formulator of Pranin Organic, sat down with Chloe Elgar on her podcast, Conscious Conversations. Together they discussed everything from his own professional and personal health journey, why he decided to start Pranin Organic, to organic farming and how to choose a supplement. 


Dr. David Wang, ND

is the founder and formulator of Pranin Organic nutritional supplements, and has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver for over 25 years. In this time, he has been considered by his peers to be a natural healing innovator and trail-blazer. He is the founder of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in BC, and a past president of the BC Naturopathic Association. Dr. David has dedicated his life to educating his patients and the public about the power of food as medicine.

Chloe Elgar

is a Holistic Nutritionist, speaker, author, and self-taught food photographer living in Vancouver. Chloe is the author of the book Living in Light, creator of the podcastConscious Conversations, leader of the Living in Light Retreats, and founder of the personal brand and business, Chloe’s Countertop. 

Chloe Elgar Pranin Organic Ambassador Expert