10 Healthy food swaps to make right now

A lot of us eat with good intention. You grew up eating a certain brand of peanut butter, so why would you switch? Some foods you consume regularly contain things you may not want to eat. We’re challenging you to take our food swap test. Here are 10 easy food swaps you can make RIGHT NOW.

1) Sub mayo for guac, hummus or mustard!

I’m sure you’ve heard your mom say “Go easy on the mayo!” but what’s the reason for that? Most store bought mayonnaise’s contain highly processed oils, genetically modified “natural flavours” or various other chemicals that are impossible to pronounce. That’s not to say you can never eat mayo again! You can make a super healthy vegan version that actually tastes great! But if you don’t have the time for that, or you’re not a fan of mayo at all, try hummus, avocado or mustard!

2) Leave the Cow’s milk for calves, and milk some almonds!

Cow’s milk often contains higher levels of sugar when compared to plant based milk. Not to mention different kinds of plant based milks will offer different nutrients and proteins. For example almond milk contains an extremely low calorie count when compared to cow’s. One cup of unsweetened almond milk contains around 40 calories (may vary depending on brand) and one cup of 1% cow’s milk contains 103. But we’re not one’s to judge on calories alone. In one cup of cow’s milk you’ll get 305mg of calcium, 8g of protein, 1 mg of iron and 366 mg of potassium. In almond milk (based on homemade 1 cup of almonds for every 4 cups of water) you’ll find 94 mgs of calcium, 7.5 grams of protein, 1.3 mgs of Iron and 252 mgs of potassium. Some people may find they get stomach aches or feel sick after eating animal products such as cows milk. That’s why we recommend plant based milks. If you do choose cow’s milk over plant based milk, perhaps think about going with skim or 1%, and make sure to buy organic to avoid hormones and antibiotics. All in all plant based milks are great swaps, especially for those with dairy sensitivities. Try making our Original Almond Mylk or Golden Mylk

3) Hands off the store bought granola bars, & opt for homemade snacks.
So the average store bought granola bar contains a lot more sugar than you would think. And it’s highly refined sugar to boot! Don’t forget about the added preservatives and GMO ingredients. YUM. So our advice is to make your own! Whether it’s bars, balls or squares, there are tons of easy snack subs for the old school granola bar. Chances are you’ll fall in love with our easy to make Bliss Balls

4) Cow’s cheese for homemade cashew cheese.

Lots of cheeses can be highly processed, contain antibiotics and high levels of fat. We’re not saying you should never ever eat cheese! But even if you’re not vegan, you should give our Herbed Garlic Vegan Cheese a go. You will not be disappointed! 

5) Switch from processed peanut butter to 1 ingredient nut butter.  
So this one’s a bit of a no brain-er. Cut out the refined nut butter, and go with homemade! Refined nut butters are hidden with sugar, chemicals and preservatives. If you don’t have the means to make homemade nut butter, go with a brand that has one ingredient, nuts! If you’re looking for a sweeter version of your fave nut butter, try our Raw Cacao New-tella

6) Goodbye white carbs, hello brown rice, multi grain bread and quinoa.
Complex carbs always win. Other than the insane amount of nutrition and fibre, they just taste so much better! Go for multi grain pastas, whole wheat rice, quinoa, steel cut oats and whole wheat flour/plant flour. You can also try making zucchini noodles or substitute chickpeas for pasta.

7) Make that salad yourself! 
Store bought salads have preservatives in them to keep them fresh for longer periods of time. Now I get it, sometimes you’re pressed for time, you’re starving and you need food now! So eating the occasional pre made salad is nothing to lose sleep over, but you shouldn’t be making a habit out of it. Try making one huge salad on a Sunday night. Now you have enough for 3 work lunches. Switch up your recipes constantly so you don’t get bored of the same thing. Try adding in things like roasted seasonal vegetables, beans, dried fruit or nuts to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Try our Roasted Beet and Baby Greens Salad

8) Tempeh over tofu. 
Tempeh is essentially the less refined version of tofu. Tofu is made by curdling soy milk and tempeh is made from actual soybeans. Therefore tempeh contains more fibre and protein. It’s pretty clear to see which choice is the most nutritious, whole foods always win!

9) Try homemade granola.
So we might sound like a broken record at this point. But a lot of packaged products you buy in grocery stores are caked with sugar and nasty preservative chemicals! This includes breakfast cereals. Save yourself the trouble and make your own. That way you can control every ingredient that goes in, not to mention most of the time it’s cheaper to make your own. Try our Cacao Crock pot Granola

10) Store bought muffins are basically cupcakes 🙁
Most store bought muffins might as well be called cupcakes with the amount of processed sugar and trans fat they contain. Also there’s never any nutrition in those spongy, sugary baked “goods”. If you’re looking for a tasty muffin recipe that offers some sufficient nutrition, look no further than our Matcha Oat Muffin recipe. Careful, they’re addicting 😉 

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