7 day smoothie survival guide

Winter can be a stressful time. The sun is nowhere to be found, it’s pitch black at noon and all of the holiday stress is just the cherry on top . Okay obviously there are amazing things about winter too, but due to the cold weather and holiday pressures, stress can build up and wreak havoc on your immune system, which is why we’re helping you out.

We’ve created 7 days worth of healthy and exclusive recipes, informative blog posts and spotlighted products that will help you keep your health (and hopefully sanity) this winter! On top of that we’re challenging you to reach new health heights with our 7 Day Smoothie Challenge. But don’t worry, once you see how irresistibly tasty these health drinks are, you won’t be able to resist trying them all out. 

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Monday Motivation

Mondays are hard, it’s cold, dark and you probably didn’t get enough sleep last night, we get it. But the last thing we’re going to let you do is skip breakfast. So go ahead and put on your favoUrite outfit, reach for a Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster, and shake that sucker up with some almond milk! Grab a banana with some peanut butter on your way out the door and hit the road. Guess what champ? You just owned Monday morning.

dsc_3204If you find yourself having a little more time on Monday mornings, our Black To Basics smoothie is the ultimate Monday companion. 

Keep your win streak going with our Candied Cayenne Squash recipe for dinner and some of our B Fresh Vegan Chocolate for dessert.

No one gives us more Monday inspo than our friend Emily Von Euw. Don’t know who this author, vegan cook and Vancouverite is? Get acquainted here: Nourishing my body with whole food nutrition. 


Treat yourself Tuesday

Go ahead and start treating yourself starting from the moment you wake up. Soar to a new self love level with our Mayan Chocolate Smoothie. You might be wondering hmm did the Mayan’s create this? Who knows!

We gave it the name because it’s super nutritious thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties from cinnamon, protein from nut butter and the B vitamins, iron and calcium from our Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster.

Oh another reason we called it the Mayan Chocolate Smoothie is because when someone asks you for a sip, you have the green light to say “No way! This smoothie is Mayan!” ????

Treat yourself to a great read and skim through our article Don’t let stress turn your holiday into a mess. That’s right, with our help there will be no messin’ with your holiday festin’! ????  Learn how to channel your worries and frustrations, feel good about your food choices and have fun this season. 


Whimsical Wednesday 

Spread your wings and fly because Wednesday is here. Focus on crushing a workout today, make time for a yoga class or a quick run. Get that bod moving so you’ll be full of endorphin’s.

Don’t forget to fuel up on electrolytes and vitamins after your workout by sipping on our Mighty Moringa Power Smoothie.

Wednesday worthy reading material: 10 Easy ways to add in more exercise everyday

Prep our Roasted Beet & Baby Greens Salad for lunch the next day! 


Thirsty thursday

Get the authentic taste of fall without the refined sugar and dairy. Our Carrot Cake Smoothie will boost your energy levels and fully deliver that autumn flavour. Stress can cause a depletion in energy, so it’s important to get the nutrition you need so your body can stay healthy. Our PureFood C will keep your immune system on it’s A-game.  

Get your snack on with our Chai Spiced Truffles. Chocolate and chai are a deadly combo, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. But you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging, the cardamom in these truffles helps detoxify your body and aid with digestion. 

Take care of your immune system so you can avoid stress and sleep better. Learn more about winter body care by reading Stay Healthy While Welcoming Winter


festive friday

Festive Friday can still be frivolous. It’s a care free kinda December day, which means while you take care of your body, you deserve a holiday treat. Our Spiced SugarPlum Smoothie is the ideal way to get your vitamin C this winter. Our festive smoothie will give your immune system support, as well as muscle recovery. There should be no guilt as you enjoy this frosty, nourishing beverage, because one daily serving of our PureFood C has the same vitamin C content as 20 organic lemons! 

To learn more about what products are right for you and your health needs, take some advice from the veterans. We asked our team to talk about the 1 product they could not live without. Read all about it here ?? PureFoodie Picks: Our fave products and find out how you can get the most out of each one of our vitamins. 


sassy saturday

Let’s be real if Saturday was a person, they would be as sassy as they come. So add some classy sass to your Saturday by making our Cream of Pistachio Frappe. This nutty, earl grey smoothie version of a frappe will change your life. Earl grey tea aids with digestion, strengthen’s your teeth and supposedly fights anxiety and depression! Perfect for the Winter blues.

This smoothie also features our all in one guru of vitamins, the A to Z. Seriously it’s the perfect dessert, afternoon snack and if you’re really trying to impress that new girl you met at the gym, you should totally make her one of these. 

Crank up the sass and spice in the kitchen with our article; 6 ways to quite literally spice up your life. Be forewarned, this blog post may cause you to drop your entire pay check on organic spices at Whole Foods! ????


Sumptuous sunday 

Get ready to splurge on your health and well being. Sip on our Coco Newtella Shake and throw your feet up, because you deserve it. This superhero smoothie gets it’s powers from our Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster.

Our Boosters are a great way to get all of your vitamins in for the day. Seriously check out the nutritional facts and you’ll be sold! ????

During the holidays it’s important to treat yourself with self care, eating the foods that fuel your body and make you feel good and spend time with friends and family! To help you get into the mindset of loving yourself, we’re showing you how to Graciously Practice Gratitude.  


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