Nutrition for natural hair growth


Can’t see the relationship between nutrition & hair growth?

tips for natural hair growth Natural hair growth is not just a sign of beauty, more importantly it’s a sign of health. If your hair isn’t growing, or worse; falling out, there could be an underlying health issue or nutritional deficiency at play.

The foods you eat and the lifestyle you live could be preventing your locks from growing, and your overall being from thriving. We’re not one to subscribe to societal beauty pressures (no hair = beautiful, lots of hair = beautiful) but  nutritional deficiencies often show up as vanity symptoms. Lack of hair growth is just one of these.

Instead of buying a chemical ridden shampoo, or doing hair masks galore, try addressing the nutritional deficiencies and stressors that are likely responsible for stagnant hair growth. For lush and lustrous hair, follow our tips for natural hair growth. 


Stress = hair mess

tips for natural hair growth

Stress is unavoidable for many living in the 21st century. Our fast paced way of life has us being demanded more at work, online and in our communities. This leaves us with less time to do the things we love. One study found that stressed out people were more likely to lose their hair pigment and even suffer from lack of hair growth.

Stress is unavoidable, but by managing your stress you can feel great and thrive! After all, not all stress is bad stress! It’s all about whether you’re proactively or reactively combating it. 


the benefits of meditationPracticing meditation and gratitude, mindfully calming the body during times of anxiety or strife, exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods will help your body by preventing it from going into a survival mode known as fight or flight. These are all proactive ways to prep your body into a calm state when faced with daily stressors. Additionally, the extra nutrition needed is due to the exhaustion your adrenals are put through every time you face a small stressor. This also happens when you drink coffee. Learn more about this by reading how caffeine is robbing your adrenals

Reactive methods include; getting upset about daily stressors, not eating properly so your body doesn’t have the extra nutrition it needs to rebound back from stressful situations and not taking the time to look back on times of worry, and work to understand what made you afraid, angry or upset. Hey, we never said this was going to be easy! Anyone can be reactive to stress, but it take commitment to be proactive.

Learn more about how stress affects digestion and the absorption of nutrients by reading about the relationship between stress and gut health.


Feed that mane

Feed your body while nourishing your hair.

What do hibiscus flowers, rosemary, holy basil and amla berries all have in common? Each is a powerful plant food that helps with hair growth.2,3 Amla berries are rich in vitamin C which is a necessary component  in collagen synthesis.4 Meaning, without adequate vitamin C stores, your body can’t produce collagen.Collagen helps protect our skin by filtering out environmental toxins and other pathogens. It’s widely known for its vanity benefits.7 These include nail and hair strength and growth. In essence, no vitamin C = no collagen production and potentially, no hair growth!

hair growth tonicAdditionally Holy Basil (also known as tulsi) is an adaptogenic herb known for its abilities to protect organs and tissues from physical and chemical stress!5 It can also reverse metabolic stress.5 Lucky for you we’ve compiled these 4 magical superfoods into one restorative recipe; the Hair Growth Tonic.

Did we mention our PureFood C has tons of organic, cold processed amla berries and one of the main ingredients in our B vitamin blend is holy basil? We’ve got you and your hair covered.

Additionally, both of our multivitamin blends; the brand new Women’s A to Z & the traditional A to Z, contain horsetail. Horsetail is a medicinal plant known for its powers relating to hair and nail growth. This is because Horsetail is very high in a compound called silica!6


More glowing vitamins and nutrients for hair growth

tips for natural hair growthSilica, vitamin C and other nutrients are much more powerful when combined with supportive nutrients.

For example, vitamin E helps the body ward off free radicals which means your bod can use the unused vitamin C it has for stress support and hair growth, versus using it for immunity because it’s under attack by  free radicals, due to not getting enough vitamin E.

Food contains a multitude of vitamins and other nutrients that work together to fuel, protect and revive your body. When you only have one nutrient on its own, it’s simply not as strong. This is why our PureFood Trio is the ultimate nutrition combo. All of the vitamins and minerals can play off of each other and help you get the maximum amount of nutrition. There’s even a word for this; synergy, or specific to this case; ingredient synergy.


Hair health checklist: 


tips for natural hair growth
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6 Currie, H. A. & Perry, C. C. Silica in Plants: Biological, Biochemical and Chemical Studies. Annals of Botany 100, 1383–1389 (2007).


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